Monday, July 14, 1997

Sniffy, oh sniffy...

07/14/97 ‑ Hi slave boys :>) Well I've been a busy bee.... Yesterday was spent making new changes to the page, and adding new scat pics

I also spent a great part of the day shooing Nichole & Diana away from me, as they kept farting uncontrollably, after eating mexican for two days straight (This of course was for the benefit of old sniffy, who came down yesterday for a 5 hour session with the two of them!) I'm sure they'll tell you all about it in their journals!! Sniffy darling, thank you for the beautiful book on Ireland, it was lovely!! I've also been told that you all had an awesome session together, and that you're quite the little ass kisser!!

As today is going to be 104 outside, we're all planning on going to the pool this afternoon. Jenny our new little sissy maid is on her way to Nichole's house, as she just got done at Diana's house... and there is a lot of cleaning to be sure waiting for her here!! Nichole says she's been such a
great help around her house.... I wonder how they're going to reward her??

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