Monday, June 26, 2006

Cock and Balls for lunch..

I'm fading fast, (been up and at work since 5am) but just had to log on and tell you all about the pretty hot time today with a complete stranger no less! What do you think of this handywork? Amazing what you can do with clothespegs, fishing tackle and some imagination -- right? Anyway, I should back up... last night I hosted this chat on SKYPE - it's internet phone service basically. I can talk to anyone in the world for free (almost... if I call overseas it costs something like $0.017 a minute) but to call anywhere in the US or Canada it's FREE. So I hooked up my head set with mic, tested it out, and pretty soon I was chatting with people from all over the world.

I decided to host my own skypecast (internet chat with voice, and video capabilities) and posted to my yahoo group and my bulletin board that it was going to happen at 8pm... Having never done this before ever, it took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to add the people to the chat who came into the room. I had about 8 guys show up, and most of them participated. It was an interesting way to pass a few hours that's for sure. I can also see many possibilities with it. Obviously to do any kind of training it would have to be one-on-one, otherwise there's just too much background noise to contend with. It's also hard to remember that there are several people who might have something to say, and they all say it at once.

Anyway - I digress... we're talking about cock and balls here... I got back on today and chatted to some guy who lived locally in Baltimore. I really hit it off with him over the phone, and after much discussion about bondage, cbt, chastity and wot not, I decided to grab life by the balls, and invited him to come over and meet me at lunch time, when I would be free. Chris was a sweetheart! As he was driving to my place, and I was driving to my place we chatted some more, this time via cell phone - not skype. I felt like getting very creative today and doing something I've never done... I thought up a whole fantasy starting with the cock and ball torture, and moving up to inducing him with a drug that would turn him into my sex slave for the afternoon, and perhaps allow me to control not only the sex, but also his mind! Very Dr Evil!!

I arrived back at my house only moments before Chris pulled up. I was pleasantly surprised - a nice clean cut, preppy looking guy, who was dressed well, and smelt delicious. I sorta felt like I was having some kind of illicit affair - running home from work to have this blind date kinda meeting with a guy I didn't know!! I'm glad to say it worked out well, and two hours later I was back teaching strip aerobics! I hope he wasn't strongly attached to his.........

boxers, because I ripped them right off! I also sent him home with an english cock and ball cage, and told him he couldn't cum until I called him again. Wonder when I'll feel like calling??

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Last night...

God it's pissing down with rain here today, and a trip to tysons mall this morning didn't even cheer me up...Had an awesome time last night, in fact I got home so late, I don't know why I even bothered going to bed...

I called up my ex after being out with the girls, and on the pull last night. On the phone I told him how I'd been playing around with this guy, that I'd met in georgetown and was totally wet and horny, and was on my way over. I told him if he had anyone there with him, to kick them out right now, because I was about 15 minutes away...

He too had apparantly pulled that night, and had just gotten back to his place, hoping to do the deed... but then I called, and I have him twisted around my little finger, even after all this time.. As I was pulling up, she was pulling out... How awkward... for her... ;-)

She'd had a little bit to drink, and wanted to be confrontational - god I hate that!! She demanded to know who I was, so I said I was the wife.. That shut her up really quickly, and I just smiled sweetly, and used my key to let myself in...

I went up the bedroom and he was just getting out of the shower - he knows I don't want to smell another woman on him. He asked if I'd had a good time, to which I replied by pushing him onto the bed, hiked up my skirt, and impaled myself upon his cock. God it was fucking good.

After I came, he came, and then I sat on his face, and told him to clean me up... doing so obviously got him really excited again, because about 30 minutes later I'd pinned him down again, and was once more bouncing around on his dick...

Of course there was a little foot forplay involved too, I love grabbing his cock between my feet, and jerking him off that way. He loves sucking on my toes, knowing it gets me off is a huge turn on for him. I love how he kisses my legs, and behind my knees, and my ankles - it feels so good.

About 4.30 this morning I told him I was done, and had to go... he begged me to stay, but I just laughed at him. He should know me better than that by now!

SO... what did you all do last night??

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where did the week go??

God, it's like I've lost an entire week! I took Monday off work at the gym to recover from this past weekends fun and activities ~ hey it's hard working getting in and out of all those latex, rubber, and leather outfits!! Tuesday we had an "open house" at the gym, and it seems that I've been promoted to managing director - without the payrise! I was there till way after 10pm, but my personal client base has now expanded by about 80%. I don't know how I can possibly fit anymore clients into my schedule, but I'll give it a go.

My gym has also this month agreed to put a "strip aerobics class" that I lead on the schedule! So when we announced that it would start at the beginning of the month, we had about 60 women run over and sign up for it. The gym was mighty impressed!! Plus I get to teach women how to move seductively & hypnotically for their S.O.

Totally forget what I did Wed & Thursday, but spent an incredible amount of time yesterday fixing my broken pool light. I was able all by myself to get into the deep end of the pool, go under water, unscrew 5 screws, pull the light out, take it apart, find the bulbs, and then go hunting for replacements. Who has ever heard of a 71 watt halogen bulb? Home depot didn't stock them, and neither did the 5 other places I got referred to. In the end I went to CVS and bought two 50 watts that looked similar - came back home, got back in the pool (it's almost dark at this point) and what da ya know... they worked!! God I'm good...

No one was interested in going out last night, so for the first time in a long time, I was home alone. There was a huge electrical storm that blew through, and just as I was finishing up outside all my trees moved - it was like a scene from a horror movie! I quickly ran up to the house, and the rains came pouring down immediately.

It was kinda creepy being in my big old house all by my lonesome - thank god for my big bruts of dogs! After catching up on the last episode of Huff, I went up to bed to read around 10pm -- how lame is that on a friday night???? Anyway, didn't get any reading done, was zonked and fell asleep right away.

It just came to me about Wednesday -- after work I went to see the Omen - no where near as good as the original - so don't waste your money!! My girlfriends were pretty shit scared throughout out, and it was funny grabbing or poking them - they almost jumped out of their seats!

I've also spent all of my free time this week doing updates to the site... a new photo gallery, several new full length femdom movies, more hacked passwords, and several new stories added... sign up for the fucking forum!! You can't access it without being registered. Check out the link about how to do it. Later today I'll hopefully get another couple of photo galleries uploaded... gotta run, meeting a friend to cycle from Bethesda to Georgetown, and hopefully not get rained upon!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Femdom fun!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today was an absolute blast. After the pony boy races we dressed Ralph & John in some tight shiny latex maids uniforms, and gave them each a bucket of cleaning supplies. We showed them the 4 bathrooms upstairs, and gave each of them a kick in the ass to get them started. We then took Drew for some one-on-one time in the dungeon. Leanne forced him to strip naked, Liz tied him up neatly and quickly, with his arms handcuffed above his head, and a spreader bar between his ankles. I came along dressed in fishnets, a black vinyl corset, and thigh high boots and slid myself up against his body - how his cock jerked in the air :-) I slowly, carefully and painstakingly twisted his nipple in my fingers, until I was sure he thought it was going to rip right off ;-) I didn't want his cock getting too carried away now, did I?

Just as Drew yelped in pain, I took his earlobe in my mouth and gave it a nice stinging little bite. Now he was well and truly warmed up for some action! Liz grabbed him by the balls and squeezed hard. She then whispered sweet nothings in his ear... about how he was totally helpless and at our mercy, and what we were going to do with him....later..

Twenty minutes of pain and cock torture was brought to a close when Liz and Leanne each took a nipple in their mouth, and licked, sucked, and nibbled on it. As his cock bounced back to attention, I grabbed it in my hand. He was about to explode, and we didn't want that! WHAP went Liz's crop against the tip of his cock. That put a perspective on things alright ;-) I turned around so my back, or more accurately my ass was against him, and I slowly, and seductively bent over in front of him, pushing up against his cock as I did so.

Leanne took her long fingernails and ran them down his stomach, all the way to his groin. She then grabbed him by the balls, and ran her fingernails up the underside of his cock. Liz decided it was time to put him on his back, so I unhooked his hands from the hook above, and Liz took his spreader bar from between his legs. We laid him down on the rack, and restrained his hands, then his feet.

Liz removed her shorts, revealing a sexy little pair of leather thongs, and straddled his face. All of a sudden his cock was twitching up and around, straight up in the air, and I decided to have some fun with it! I squatted down and sat on his groin, angling his cock so that it went straight up against his belly, and laid against my fishnets.

He now had two of us straddling him, and man Liz was doing one hell of a job riding his face. She was red in the face, and I could tell she was about to cum. Meanwhile, I just kept sitting on his cock, twisting his nipples harder and harder. With each twist, his cock gave another little twitch. Moments later Liz got off, and Leanne took her place. Leanne is very quick at getting herself off, and as she's sitting on his tongue, she's using her finger to play with her clit. She got off as soon as she was done, and that just left me......

I decided a more cruel form of torture was in order - sitting him up, restrained, and having the 3 of us make out and play in front of him. Leanne and I decided to dominate Liz (in a playful, non sadistic kind of way) ;-) We stripped her pants off, and had her arms bound behind her back, and then we went to town licking and fingering every hole ;-) It was fucking hot!!

Drew was dying... seconds into it, with no one touching him, his cock exploded all over the place. It was like a fucking gyser! Cum sprayed everywhere. It was really bloody hot!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Anyway, that's all I've got time for... everyone has just left, and I'm pretty exhausted. I'll log on tomorrow to tell you more.... Oh though, before I go, I'm going to look through my calendar and see when I can organize another little "open house". However, with it being summer, I also have some plans ahead. In two weeks I'm off to Ocean City NJ for just 3 days to stay at this old beautiful Victorian Inn overlooking the water. I will of course have my laptop down on the beach with me some of the time! Do you live near there??

And lastly, is anyone reading this in England, or Ireland? If so, I'm CRAVING strawberry or lemon bon-bons (you know the sweets with the powder on them, and chewy inside)? And, I need some Ambre Solaire suntan lotion - either NO spf, or very low SPF... Anyone want to hook me up??? I'd be eternally grateful!

Friday, June 16, 2006

GREAT day!!

I've had an unbelievable day! Why don't I host more get togethers? Started out brilliantly at the hair salon - $200 later and I look fabulous! Two hours of primping really felt good! I've been working so much at the gym that I really haven't had time to splurge on myself like I used to.

I met my first little slave boy at noon, and we went to La Miche in Bethesda for lunch. Awesome french food, and I haven't been there in EONS. We drank an entire bottle of wine between us before Elizabeth and Leanne showed up to join us, and then we drank another bottle of wine with them! When we left, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside! Luckily I'd eaten a LOT for lunch (even dessert)!!! From there we drove back to my place, and arrived home around 3pm. The wine makes me a tad horny & flushed, so I took everyone straight down to the air conditioned dungeon, where we made Ralph strip for us to the music of Beyonce - Check up on it! We laughed our asses off at him, however, it was kinda hot. He has a GREAT fucking body, and we all thought he was kinda handsome!! If we'd had any dollars, we'd definitely have given him some ;-) LOL.

We put a cock cage on him, and then took turns riding his face, and grinding our crotches up against his nose, having him enhale deeply! It was pretty hot.

Around 4pm we decided it was pool time, we needed some chill out time, and some sun! It was absolutely scorching outside today. Elizabeth thought she was so smart by grabbing me by the ankles and tackling me into the pool - so much for the new hairdo! Actually by that time, and all the wine, and messing around I'd done, it was pretty fucked up already ;-) Olivia showed Ralph up to his room where he was going to be spending the night, and after unpacking had him come down to the kitchen to make us some drinks. Leanne is on a Mojito kick, and Olivia makes them from scratch with fresh squeezed lime juice & shaved ice... yummy! Olivia also showed Ralph were I keep the pool accessories - suntan lotion, towels, ipod docker, flip flops, and had him bring them outside to us.

He then got to rub us up? down? with lotion, and we all took turns using him as a foot stool while we soaked up the last remaining rays! While we got to relax & have fun, poor Olivia was slaving in the kitchen - she had gone to Fresh Fields and got some halibut for everyone, along with corn, and zucchini (corgettes). Dinner was amazing with more wine! Anyway, it's a little after 11pm, and we're all heading to bed ;-) guess who gets to come along??

This weekend..

So, only 3 slaves are going to be attending my place this weekend - one today, and two on Saturday. Big difference from the last party I threw at my place, but I guess it's to be expected that when I go MIA for such a long period of time, everyone loses interest in little old me ;-) LOL

Anyways, not to worry! I plan on having a lot of fun! Today I'm off this morning to Georgetown to get my hair done by Carlos - he is SO good... rated in the top 10 hair stylists in the DC area! Getting an appointment with him takes month in advance, and this has been on my calendar for a very long time!! Ralph will be meeting me in G'town for a late lunch, and a "getting to know me" session before following me back to my place, where we'll have a fun time one on one before anyone else arrives! We've already talked on the phone half a dozen times, and exchanged many many e-mails, so I feel like I already know so much about him! Leanne & Elizabeth are joining me this evening, and we're going to enjoy a night at my place, being served and entertained by Ralphy boy!!

Olivia is hard at work already, helping the crew who arrived moments ago to set up the marquis on the lawn near the pool area. Olivia has been taking water samples, and making sure the temp is just how I like it, and that it's sparkling blue! I could do with a few sissies to take care of my laundry, and change my bed, and spiff up the guest rooms a bit, but I'm sure Olivia will see to it at some point. She's such a good all around maid, cook, chauffeur, foot slave that I don't know what I'd do without her!!

Anyway, I must run, and if I have a chance, I'll blog some more over the weekend! I'm actually hoping to get Leanne, Liz and myself on webcam maybe tonight, or tomorrow night.... stay tuned!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dommes & unlady like behaviour...

So I've been busy, busy, busy with all sorts of updates -- hacked passwords, full length movies, updated forum, and plenty of image and video clips... (and you get all of it for like TWENTY BUCKS a month)!!!! On top of all that I've been watching porn like a fiend! It's actually the watching of porn that leads me to this -- how many others think it's very UN-DOMME like for a "Mistress" to be sucking off, and giving pleasure to her "slave"? I mean, shouldn't it always be the other way around? I know of no good reason why a slave's cock, would ever be in my mouth. Ever! Now it's one thing to slap it, kick it, torture it, squeeze it, fuck it all for my own pleasure, but what pleasure does any woman get out of sucking a man off??? I mean as soon as that cock goes in the mouth, it's all over. He becomes a lazy, unattentive, worthless bastard. LADIES DON'T EVER, and I mean EVER, put that COCK in your mouth!!! YUCK! That's the FIRST RULE of being a domina. YOU ARE SUPERIOR! HE is NOT WORTHY of having that piece of meat in your mouth!! EVER! Maybe a refresher course is in order for some dommes? Or maybe some dommes missed that part in the manual? Or maybe some dommes really aren't dommes at all.... hmmmm.. 99.00 MB 37.6 MB

OK, so then I noticed a lot of porn revolves around that all american girl look - all blonde, bronzed, and looking like they just got off a turnip truck in Iowa somewhere, and they're posing in lingerie, or a cute little pair of daisy dukes. I don't get it. Why is *that* so popular? They're usually not doing anything, or dressed anyway special, so what's the turn on? For me with domination, it's about the WHOLE look... .I mean who wouldn't get turned on by all that black leather, or latex, and silver adornments, and the thigh high boots of course! It all gets so tied together when you slip a flogger or even a paddle in her hand. God I love that look!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

New pics added...

I've been trying to figure out a way to easily post pics (pics that *I* did not shoot, nor buy - as all my original content will still be posted on my site)....

Anyway, I've come up with FLICKR (this will take you directly to my account) and you can browse through all the photos I've uploaded since last night. Face sitting, foot worship, cbt, and more! AND, I'd posted a message in my yahoo group (which I plan on doing away with, before yahoo closes it down a second time), about it being a free account - Karsten, sponsored my account, so now I have unlimited upload/download!

I'm planning on nixing the yahoo group in favor of a new forum that I just purchased yesterday -- anyone want to help me install and tweak it? I also purchased the blogging tool, and image tool for it, and I'm really excited about the possibilites!!

Over in the members area, you get the whole Gwen Media, Rubber Klinik 2 movie for download... hurry before it gets removed from

Friday, June 09, 2006

Latest Updates..

Well I've just been going crazy over on the forums. (Use the menu on the left hand side of the frame, and click on forums) or to open it in another browser window, click here. I've added 10 full length femdom movies, and reworked the forum so that everyone can post images & movies via something like or yes I'd like everyone to contribute!

I've added several new femdom and fetish stories also, and put up some free mini clips here.

I've added 8 or 9 new femdom galleries in the picture section with a thumbnail preview alongside the gallery link. (More on the way)!!

Any comments? Suggestions? Problems? Click below on the comment option!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another full length movie...

Here's another movie to download. You will need to get HJsplit to put it together (very simple to use -- any idiot can do it)... More German femdom - feet, dangling, trampling, and lots and lots of shoe changes!!
50.00 MB
50.00 MB
50.00 MB
8.69 MB

HJSplit can be downloaded here!

Well, I'm beat.. I didn't have any bloody diet rockstar today, and am fading fast. I have a play date with a newbie tomorrow - that should be fun!! Gotta get my beauty sleep ;-) Goodnight all.... XXX

Fucked up the ass!

Have you ever thought about doing it yourself? I find doing it to a guy or watching a guy do it to himself is a MAJOR turn on for me.I'm talking, of course, about anal sex. Strap on play!

Butt sex, sodomy, buggering, taking it up the poopshoot, going in the out door, poking out your brown eye, sitting on it, rag time blues, Greek sex, and even rimming, fingering, fisting and plugging.

I want to be very clear. You've heard about the nerve endings, yes? How they say there are thousands and thousands there, making that area extremely sensitive? Well apparently what they say is true!

OK, first off, you're gonna need lube. I recommend any thicker lube, such as EROS or FORPLAY, will do. The thicker lube will stay put; the anal canal extends further than the area you'll be using. If you're playing alone, it doesn't matter whether or not your lube is latex safe, but I say be prepared for that from the start, and make your investment in a water-based lube.

SOLO PLAY You're also going to want something to penetrate with. At first, your finger will work fine, assuming you're reasonably flexible. Novices should cut their nails down, as the anal tissue is fragile and can snag painfully. Household items can be used, but be warned that it is possible to get things lost up there, should you lose your grip.

Butt plugs and other anal toys have a flared base to make sure they don't slip inside. If you find you like the sensations, it's really worth investing in a well-made butt plug. Start small and work your way up. Butt plugs and probes almost always come in a menagerie of shapes and sizes, and tend to be rather cheap. $14.00 - $25.00 max.

We'll talk about the differences between these toys later. Here's where I mention showers. If you're afraid of, well, shit, then be sensible and shower first. If you've recently bathed, there's nothing really that dirty about it. You'll get to know your body, and eventually can predict when will be a good time for anal play. And even if you do get it on your fingers, trust me, slave boy, you'll live.

Ok, ok, here's a hint: latex gloves. You can get them cheaply, in bulk, at your local drugstore, usually near the condoms and pregnancy tests. They're cheap, reasonably thin, and make clean-up a breeze. Pull them off over your fingers, and everything that was on your fingers is safely within the glove. Get yourself comfortable in the place you usually masturbate (if you don't masturbate and would like to know how, then send us mail and let us know - for now, this is an advanced course).

In fact, start masturbating the way you usually go about it, let yourself become turned on and comfortable. Start walking your fingers back there. Try lying on your side in a half fetal position, with your top arm falling behind you. Use that hand to explore your hips and buttocks. Start tracing the cleft between the cheeks, increasing pressure, lingering at your anus, whatever starts to feel good. Even if you're not wanting to penetrate yet, spread a little lube on your fingers and circle your hole with them. Vary the amount of pressure you use, breathe evenly and relax.

Pay attention to how it's feeling, try new variations and find which is the most tingly and exciting. As you circle, start to press in a little harder. Let the tip of your finger scoop between the ring of muscle, breathe into the sensation.

Resist the natural reaction of clenching your cheeks at this initial entry; try to think of them as loose and open. It's very encouraging for your fingers if your body starts to press back, to open to their massage. As you get better at this, let your finger slide up inside. (You'll want to angle most penetrations away from the spine). Circle just inside the sphincter, feeling the walls of your anus and the unique texture there. Here's where you meet those thousands of nerve endings. Push in deeper, letting yourself rock back to meet the probing.

If you have a toy, now might be a good time to try it out. There are two standard small anal toys: plugs and probes. A probe is usually about 4-6 inches long, slender and tapered so it's narrower when you start. A plug has a large bump in the middle, with a narrow neck right before the flared base. This bump will (usually) hold the plug inside you without a harness. You'll want to cover it with a condom or, since most butt plugs and probes are small, a latex glove. This makes for easy clean up later, and gives your toys a longer life.

Put some lube on the tip, and line it up with your anal opening. Move the tip in and out, circling like you did with your finger. Again, push back to meet it, open to the sensation. If you get in all the way, pushing slowly and working your way back, you might want to leave it there for a bit. Relax your body and gently acknowledge the sensation of penetration. If it's feeling good, try clenching and releasing your sphincter around it.

Pull "up" with that ring of muscle; open your butt to the plug and try to pull it further inside you. Rock back and forth; play with your clit or penis or whatever feels good. Keep rocking and/or pulsing and resume your other masturbation. Try rotating the plug around without withdrawing it. As you get more comfortable, you'll want to work the plug or probe in and out, circling on penetration to increase the amount of friction. Come, or not.


OK, so here's your task. Go to and pick out a butt plug or an anal probe. Start small, unless you've done this before. Don't forget about lube!

Email me at to tell me that you've placed your order, and to give me your phone number. If you have a butt plug or a good cucumber already, then just pick up a $50 gift certificate at Attitudes Boutique.

Once you have both of your items, (the veggie, or butt plug, and the lube) drop me a line, and I'll give you a ring, and talk you through using it. I want to hear you slipping and sliding it around your ass, and I want to hear your intake of breath as it slides inside your warm tight asshole.

If you have a webcam, even better!

Let's get going...Got it? I'll be expecting that call.

German femdom movie.. 40 minutes long..

For those of you who like high heel trample, shoe & foot worship, flogging, and general humiliation, I have a great movie for you. It's about 40 minutes long, and you will need HJsplit to put it back together again. It's currently in two parts. 95.00 MB 63.52 MB

I have a premium account with rapidshare, and that's where I'm going to host all of the full length movies at. As long as you're a paying customer on my website, you'll be given the urls, for downloading...


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Caught the gardeners fucking off...

Leanne and I went for a ride this afternoon, and as we were leaving, I noticed my gardeners hard at work, mulching, and mowing. I do love to see men all sweaty and hard at it! We went off on the trail, and were gone for about an hour.. as we came back onto the property, there was no sign of the gardeners. We took the horses over to the stable and tied them up. I grabbed my camera, hoping to get a few shots of her for her website that she's putting together.

Lo and behold you'll never guess what we spied? The lazy fuckers drinking a cold beer under a tree... and I'm paying these guys to do a job!!! I was furious. Leanna and I cooked up a quick plan, they were going to see exactly what we were all about! For once I actually had a camera, and was ready to go!

You can see all of the pictures in the members galleries - however, just a quick warning -- if you're at all squeamish, don't look at the pics with the gardening shears!!!! LMAO!!

Anyway, I've been a very busy girl tonight, uploading at least 7 brand new galleries, and updating my blog!! Also, I'm in the mood for a session or two this week, so if you're in town, and think you're up for it, e-mail me!!


OK, I've been working on these podcasts off and on for a while. I figured it would be cool for you to be able to take me "to work" or to have you listen to my orders etc., while driving!! However, my first two turned out to be pretty shitty sound quality wise - and awfully scripted! I sounded like I was reading from a piece of paper ;-) LOL. SO, I've been playing around some more, and would like a couple of people to step forward as volunteers - download them, listen to them, critique them, and tell me what you really think! Then run and hide, before I beat you!! E-mail me if you have any working knowledge of sound recording, or podcasts!!

Next up, I'm adding shit loads of new content to the members galleries!!! YEAH!!!! I'm also changing around the format a little throughout the site, and gathering it all together - because my site has been online for so long, it's a little scattered throughout.

Anyone know anything about TGP's or Top lists? My links page is too long, but I do want to be able to promote some of the better sites out there, and I was thinking a top list might be a good way to go about it?? Any suggestions?

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today's been my first day off in EONS... and of course it's shitty outside. I've spent since noon curled up on my couch watching Huff for the last 3 hours. I love that show. Hank Azaria is damn sexy. Anyone else watch it? If not, look for it on Showtime - I haven't seen the first season at all, and only tuned in because I was getting so fed up with the "new" sopranoes on Sunday nights -- god what a disappointment *that* has turned out to be! Anyway, I'm now addicted to Huff & Russell.

First thing this morning I went for a bike ride with some people from my gym - we only did 18 miles (from Bethesda to Georgetown) - nothing compared to my ride the other week - I went from Columbia, MD to Mount Vernon, VA - probably like 100 miles round trip, and it took all day!

I'm considering what I should do now?? I'm actually kinda horny, and had thought about inviting this female "friend" over - she's a bit submissive - well actually she's more than a bit ;-) She's had quite a few amazing internet hook ups - she's been with this other domme female online who likes to see her get with her dog!%! She's been with a group of black dom males who totally use and abuse her, and she's had countless encounters with couples who want a sub bi-female.... Gotta go - will let you know!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Good morning...

Well I've already had 3 spinning classes this morning, and it's only 9.30am! I'm getting out of here shortly, and have a session lined up with a slave who has really NO IDEA what he's in for! LOL.

I gave him very vague instructions for today. He's got to wear something he doesn't mind getting dirty, and he has to first park his car at the top of my driveway, and then walk around the right side of my house to meet me at the entrance of my trail. That by itself I've found is a little disorientating. I'm going to plan on being on horseback, and he's going to walk alongside of me & Athena to my stables, where I've got quite a set up... riding crops, floggers, cat-o-nine tails, whipping post etc.,

The vision of me upon my horse, with only riding boots on - well what can I say? I'm sure he'll melt when he sees me, and be absolutely 100% agreeable to anything that I say.... :-) My jail cells are only minutes away from the stables, and after some light work, (read - mucking out the stable, and moving some heavy shit for me) I'll have him strip, hose off, and crawl alongside my horse to the cells. If he's been an outstanding help, then perhaps he won't get whipped. You see, the sun makes me incredibly horny, and being naked, straddling a huge animal, gets me REALLY very wet, so it could be that he's going to get tied down to a bunk, and I'm going to ride his face, until I cum over and over again. I will probably also milk his cock several times, and make him deposit it on my riding boots, where he'll then have to clean it up, and shine them again.

Well I can't wait to leave here - anyone want to give any other suggestions for torturing or teasing this poor bastard??? Leave a comment!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Please tell me that none of you sicko's are running around doing this (and how did this become a "fetish")? YUCK! However, it has given me some good ideas for a scene or two... make some guy(s) jerk off for a day or two into containers, and suck it up into my own toy water gun, and then as a punishment, make some other slave open wide, and take what's coming to him... or just shoot random men in the eyes - they all deserve it... Anyway, I digress ----- Read on.... Oh and can you believe it, two posts in one day? What has come over me??

Man Shoots Little Girls With Squirt Gun Loaded With Semen

As an 8-year-old girl looked at toys in an Orlando Kmart, a 5-foot-6, 160 pound man with blondish-brown hair politely approached and asked her to open her mouth. Yes, this story gets really nasty. When she refused, he pointed a fish-shaped squirt gun at her, sprayed her face, snapped her photograph and ran. What he shot on her face was not water but semen from inside a squirt gun. The picture he took was going to be used no doubt to help refill the gun.

Apparently this was at least the ninth time -- possibly the 11th -- that a bizarre child molester has struck in the past year, police said.

Most of the squirting incidents have occurred at Wal-Mart stores in Orange County. The man appears to be targeting children who are alone in the toy section of stores.

Forensic psychologist Jeffrey Danziger said the attacker may be acting out a sexual fetish. He also might suffer from a mental illness and be psychotic and delusional. Once again we can thank a forensic psychologist for his take on the fucking obvious."Squirting semen in someone's face would be for the purpose of the humiliation, shock and the anger it causes," Danziger said. "He's going back home to relive it and relish it. An assault like this against a child is more twisted still."

He said it was impossible to predict whether the assaults might turn more violent. "Some sexual offenders are nonviolent, like exhibitionists," he said. "Others might progress, I've heard of strange sexual fetishes, but I've never heard of this."

Feeling wicked...

Well, just got home from the gym where I swear I must have been hit on forty times by high school & college age boys... if only they knew ;-) I get so many compliments at this place - in fact, I'm thinking about writing a review for Shiseido Revital Face cream - I swear it's reversing the aging process. They should use me in their advertisements!!! I've been using it for 4 years now, and honest to god, I look younger every day ;-) Which reminds me - I'm almost out... whoever buys me a jar from my wishlist on will get something special of mine in return. Some guys at the gym today thought I was 26 - instead of 33!! Of course since my surgery I work out like a maniac, and eat really healthy foods 98% of the time... (as I stuff a starburst - opal fruit - into my mouth)!!!

Anyway, I've been cleaning up my links list, and while checking all the links, and browsing on the web, I just came across this site - Jesse Kitty - her blog is interesting (if you're into alcoholic, drugged out goth girls playing DOM) - BUT I have to say even though she's probably high a lot of the time, she writes well, and is *quite* funny! So go vote for me & let her know I liked it enough to talk about it ;-) Only downside while on her blog, I got pop-up spammed by webcam girls -- not my thing... Ooooh.... I loved the pics of the rat traps and the guy with his cock in it while she's webcamming with him ;-) Now that's highly unusual, and definitely different!! Do any of you remember when I used to do that stuff, and post my screen captures from the chatroom and webcam?? I only stopped because all the non-creative "dominas" online started stealing my scripts & ideas... but I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?? Jesse Kitty has made me want to start again.

I'm still waiting on some femdom stories.... Get e-mailing them, or posting them on the forum!!!

I had an amazing session yesterday...

I spent yesterday afternoon laying by the pool, being waited on, hand and foot by this adorable slave called Steve. Steve had spent the morning running errands for me, while I was at the gym with my "other" pupils... I'd given him a long list - first stop Whole Food Markets to pick up groceries and fresh flowers, and take them back to my place and put them away. (I knew Olivia would be home to help, and keep an eye on some "stranger" in my home). After that I made him go to Ulta and find me Nivea spray on sunblock, and Redken protection from UV rays for my hair. Next he had to go pick up my dry cleaning, and I'd told him that he had to offer to pay for any other good looking women that might be in there (have you seen that ad)??? My dry cleaners has to have THE most gorgeous women around... no frumps here! I've actually picked up a few of them. Anyway, last stop for Steve was the wine store - a good bottle of red for dinner (steak kabobs on the grill) which he was going to be cooking.

By the time I made it home, Steve was already waiting on my porch, with a long cool glass of sparkling water, with a squeeze of lime for me. I told him to go retrieve my gym bag from the boot of my explorer, and take it up to my bedroom. I asked that he go through it, and retrieve all my changes of clothing, and start sorting them for the wash. I plunked myself down on the swing, and sipped my drink.

Now I want to explain something really quickly. I've been getting e-mails with one sentence "I want a session, please call 555-121-1212". This is NOT how it operates around here. I am NOT like other pro-dommes. I'm bringing you to my HOME, and into my LIFE, and I require getting to know you very well, beforehand. It helps me weed out those that I would have little interest in playing, or being with. I spend time before hand via e-mail, instant message, or phone getting to know you. I want to know personal intimate things - that I can verify - such as being able to call and ask for you at work - or doing a reverse lookup on your phone number, seeing that you have told me your real name & having an address for you..... thereby hopefully eliminating the would be serial killers & lunatics.

I am also way different in that, I'm not looking for a one hour block of fun (read session) with you. I have 4.5 acres here, a very large home, and jail cells to boot. I could keep you here for a weekend, or a lifetime, and play & torture you, if it pleases me. It's also not even about the money - I mean how can I set a price for a "session" when I may keep you all day Friday, and send you home at 3am Saturday morning, dishevelled, with that glowing freshly fucked look upon your face?? I can't... I'm not even going to try. However, like Steve, you would probably be sent on various errands - where I'd expect you to pick up the tab. You might also like Steve send me a gift basket that you yourself took the time to fill and make, with only things in it, that you'd know I'd enjoy... all of which you'd learned about me, via my site, my journal, and our private talks together.

OK, I've digressed enough - back to my afternoon...
After finishing my water, I sauntered in and went upstairs to my room, where Steve had finished sorting out all my dirty laundry - 5 pairs of bike shorts, 5 pairs of undies, 3 sports bras, oodles of socks, several towels, and my rankly smelling running shoes. (That's just from today)! I showed him where my laundry hamper was, and made him sort it too. I had to get out of my sundress and into my bikini to take full advantage of what was left of this gorgeous day. I stripped out of my dress (I was without undies - I hate the line they leave) and told Steve to grab my black, white and purple bikini out of my drawer. I showed him where the mud room was, and told him to get a start on the laundry, and that when he was done, to bring the sunblock and hair protectant out to me at the pool. After chatting with Olivia who was in the kitchen cleaning, I made my way out back to the pool. I am in desperate need of a good book or two for summer reading out here, all I had was Saturday's Washington Post to look at. About 15 minutes later, Steve appeared. I sat up so he could apply sunblock all over my body. I love the heat of the sun upon my body, it feels amazing. I'm definitely a "light sensitive" kinda girl - I'm way happier during the summer months. After I got good and lubed up ;-) I told Steve to give me a foot massage, while I read the travel section. I'm totally hoping I can go on a few good vacations this summer... any ideas?

During one of our many email exchanges I had told Steve that I LOVE getting my toes sucked on... there's nothing better really ;-) It feels like really good oral sex! He knew exactly what to do when I pushed one of my toes up to his mouth, and I was able to put the newspaper down, and sink back into my sun lounger. Almost immediately I could feel myself getting wet, and there wasn't much to hold it in, while wearing a thong bikini bottom ;-) God there really is nothing better than being served (or is that serviced) while laying in the sun!! After I'd cum, I instructed Steve to get back up to the house and get dinner ready to go on the grill. He'd bragged about his cooking skills in several e-mails, so I was looking forward to it. After 7 hours of classes, I was pretty damn hungry! Steve made an amazing meal, and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine together. By the time dinner was over, so was the laundry, and Steve took care of it all, even the dishes.... He's pretty well trained already it seems ;-) I think during our next meeting, I'll have to keep him overnight!