Thursday, June 01, 2006

I had an amazing session yesterday...

I spent yesterday afternoon laying by the pool, being waited on, hand and foot by this adorable slave called Steve. Steve had spent the morning running errands for me, while I was at the gym with my "other" pupils... I'd given him a long list - first stop Whole Food Markets to pick up groceries and fresh flowers, and take them back to my place and put them away. (I knew Olivia would be home to help, and keep an eye on some "stranger" in my home). After that I made him go to Ulta and find me Nivea spray on sunblock, and Redken protection from UV rays for my hair. Next he had to go pick up my dry cleaning, and I'd told him that he had to offer to pay for any other good looking women that might be in there (have you seen that ad)??? My dry cleaners has to have THE most gorgeous women around... no frumps here! I've actually picked up a few of them. Anyway, last stop for Steve was the wine store - a good bottle of red for dinner (steak kabobs on the grill) which he was going to be cooking.

By the time I made it home, Steve was already waiting on my porch, with a long cool glass of sparkling water, with a squeeze of lime for me. I told him to go retrieve my gym bag from the boot of my explorer, and take it up to my bedroom. I asked that he go through it, and retrieve all my changes of clothing, and start sorting them for the wash. I plunked myself down on the swing, and sipped my drink.

Now I want to explain something really quickly. I've been getting e-mails with one sentence "I want a session, please call 555-121-1212". This is NOT how it operates around here. I am NOT like other pro-dommes. I'm bringing you to my HOME, and into my LIFE, and I require getting to know you very well, beforehand. It helps me weed out those that I would have little interest in playing, or being with. I spend time before hand via e-mail, instant message, or phone getting to know you. I want to know personal intimate things - that I can verify - such as being able to call and ask for you at work - or doing a reverse lookup on your phone number, seeing that you have told me your real name & having an address for you..... thereby hopefully eliminating the would be serial killers & lunatics.

I am also way different in that, I'm not looking for a one hour block of fun (read session) with you. I have 4.5 acres here, a very large home, and jail cells to boot. I could keep you here for a weekend, or a lifetime, and play & torture you, if it pleases me. It's also not even about the money - I mean how can I set a price for a "session" when I may keep you all day Friday, and send you home at 3am Saturday morning, dishevelled, with that glowing freshly fucked look upon your face?? I can't... I'm not even going to try. However, like Steve, you would probably be sent on various errands - where I'd expect you to pick up the tab. You might also like Steve send me a gift basket that you yourself took the time to fill and make, with only things in it, that you'd know I'd enjoy... all of which you'd learned about me, via my site, my journal, and our private talks together.

OK, I've digressed enough - back to my afternoon...
After finishing my water, I sauntered in and went upstairs to my room, where Steve had finished sorting out all my dirty laundry - 5 pairs of bike shorts, 5 pairs of undies, 3 sports bras, oodles of socks, several towels, and my rankly smelling running shoes. (That's just from today)! I showed him where my laundry hamper was, and made him sort it too. I had to get out of my sundress and into my bikini to take full advantage of what was left of this gorgeous day. I stripped out of my dress (I was without undies - I hate the line they leave) and told Steve to grab my black, white and purple bikini out of my drawer. I showed him where the mud room was, and told him to get a start on the laundry, and that when he was done, to bring the sunblock and hair protectant out to me at the pool. After chatting with Olivia who was in the kitchen cleaning, I made my way out back to the pool. I am in desperate need of a good book or two for summer reading out here, all I had was Saturday's Washington Post to look at. About 15 minutes later, Steve appeared. I sat up so he could apply sunblock all over my body. I love the heat of the sun upon my body, it feels amazing. I'm definitely a "light sensitive" kinda girl - I'm way happier during the summer months. After I got good and lubed up ;-) I told Steve to give me a foot massage, while I read the travel section. I'm totally hoping I can go on a few good vacations this summer... any ideas?

During one of our many email exchanges I had told Steve that I LOVE getting my toes sucked on... there's nothing better really ;-) It feels like really good oral sex! He knew exactly what to do when I pushed one of my toes up to his mouth, and I was able to put the newspaper down, and sink back into my sun lounger. Almost immediately I could feel myself getting wet, and there wasn't much to hold it in, while wearing a thong bikini bottom ;-) God there really is nothing better than being served (or is that serviced) while laying in the sun!! After I'd cum, I instructed Steve to get back up to the house and get dinner ready to go on the grill. He'd bragged about his cooking skills in several e-mails, so I was looking forward to it. After 7 hours of classes, I was pretty damn hungry! Steve made an amazing meal, and we enjoyed a few glasses of wine together. By the time dinner was over, so was the laundry, and Steve took care of it all, even the dishes.... He's pretty well trained already it seems ;-) I think during our next meeting, I'll have to keep him overnight!

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