Saturday, June 24, 2006

Where did the week go??

God, it's like I've lost an entire week! I took Monday off work at the gym to recover from this past weekends fun and activities ~ hey it's hard working getting in and out of all those latex, rubber, and leather outfits!! Tuesday we had an "open house" at the gym, and it seems that I've been promoted to managing director - without the payrise! I was there till way after 10pm, but my personal client base has now expanded by about 80%. I don't know how I can possibly fit anymore clients into my schedule, but I'll give it a go.

My gym has also this month agreed to put a "strip aerobics class" that I lead on the schedule! So when we announced that it would start at the beginning of the month, we had about 60 women run over and sign up for it. The gym was mighty impressed!! Plus I get to teach women how to move seductively & hypnotically for their S.O.

Totally forget what I did Wed & Thursday, but spent an incredible amount of time yesterday fixing my broken pool light. I was able all by myself to get into the deep end of the pool, go under water, unscrew 5 screws, pull the light out, take it apart, find the bulbs, and then go hunting for replacements. Who has ever heard of a 71 watt halogen bulb? Home depot didn't stock them, and neither did the 5 other places I got referred to. In the end I went to CVS and bought two 50 watts that looked similar - came back home, got back in the pool (it's almost dark at this point) and what da ya know... they worked!! God I'm good...

No one was interested in going out last night, so for the first time in a long time, I was home alone. There was a huge electrical storm that blew through, and just as I was finishing up outside all my trees moved - it was like a scene from a horror movie! I quickly ran up to the house, and the rains came pouring down immediately.

It was kinda creepy being in my big old house all by my lonesome - thank god for my big bruts of dogs! After catching up on the last episode of Huff, I went up to bed to read around 10pm -- how lame is that on a friday night???? Anyway, didn't get any reading done, was zonked and fell asleep right away.

It just came to me about Wednesday -- after work I went to see the Omen - no where near as good as the original - so don't waste your money!! My girlfriends were pretty shit scared throughout out, and it was funny grabbing or poking them - they almost jumped out of their seats!

I've also spent all of my free time this week doing updates to the site... a new photo gallery, several new full length femdom movies, more hacked passwords, and several new stories added... sign up for the fucking forum!! You can't access it without being registered. Check out the link about how to do it. Later today I'll hopefully get another couple of photo galleries uploaded... gotta run, meeting a friend to cycle from Bethesda to Georgetown, and hopefully not get rained upon!

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