Friday, June 16, 2006

GREAT day!!

I've had an unbelievable day! Why don't I host more get togethers? Started out brilliantly at the hair salon - $200 later and I look fabulous! Two hours of primping really felt good! I've been working so much at the gym that I really haven't had time to splurge on myself like I used to.

I met my first little slave boy at noon, and we went to La Miche in Bethesda for lunch. Awesome french food, and I haven't been there in EONS. We drank an entire bottle of wine between us before Elizabeth and Leanne showed up to join us, and then we drank another bottle of wine with them! When we left, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside! Luckily I'd eaten a LOT for lunch (even dessert)!!! From there we drove back to my place, and arrived home around 3pm. The wine makes me a tad horny & flushed, so I took everyone straight down to the air conditioned dungeon, where we made Ralph strip for us to the music of Beyonce - Check up on it! We laughed our asses off at him, however, it was kinda hot. He has a GREAT fucking body, and we all thought he was kinda handsome!! If we'd had any dollars, we'd definitely have given him some ;-) LOL.

We put a cock cage on him, and then took turns riding his face, and grinding our crotches up against his nose, having him enhale deeply! It was pretty hot.

Around 4pm we decided it was pool time, we needed some chill out time, and some sun! It was absolutely scorching outside today. Elizabeth thought she was so smart by grabbing me by the ankles and tackling me into the pool - so much for the new hairdo! Actually by that time, and all the wine, and messing around I'd done, it was pretty fucked up already ;-) Olivia showed Ralph up to his room where he was going to be spending the night, and after unpacking had him come down to the kitchen to make us some drinks. Leanne is on a Mojito kick, and Olivia makes them from scratch with fresh squeezed lime juice & shaved ice... yummy! Olivia also showed Ralph were I keep the pool accessories - suntan lotion, towels, ipod docker, flip flops, and had him bring them outside to us.

He then got to rub us up? down? with lotion, and we all took turns using him as a foot stool while we soaked up the last remaining rays! While we got to relax & have fun, poor Olivia was slaving in the kitchen - she had gone to Fresh Fields and got some halibut for everyone, along with corn, and zucchini (corgettes). Dinner was amazing with more wine! Anyway, it's a little after 11pm, and we're all heading to bed ;-) guess who gets to come along??

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