Saturday, June 03, 2006


Today's been my first day off in EONS... and of course it's shitty outside. I've spent since noon curled up on my couch watching Huff for the last 3 hours. I love that show. Hank Azaria is damn sexy. Anyone else watch it? If not, look for it on Showtime - I haven't seen the first season at all, and only tuned in because I was getting so fed up with the "new" sopranoes on Sunday nights -- god what a disappointment *that* has turned out to be! Anyway, I'm now addicted to Huff & Russell.

First thing this morning I went for a bike ride with some people from my gym - we only did 18 miles (from Bethesda to Georgetown) - nothing compared to my ride the other week - I went from Columbia, MD to Mount Vernon, VA - probably like 100 miles round trip, and it took all day!

I'm considering what I should do now?? I'm actually kinda horny, and had thought about inviting this female "friend" over - she's a bit submissive - well actually she's more than a bit ;-) She's had quite a few amazing internet hook ups - she's been with this other domme female online who likes to see her get with her dog!%! She's been with a group of black dom males who totally use and abuse her, and she's had countless encounters with couples who want a sub bi-female.... Gotta go - will let you know!

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