Tuesday, June 06, 2006


OK, I've been working on these podcasts off and on for a while. I figured it would be cool for you to be able to take me "to work" or to have you listen to my orders etc., while driving!! However, my first two turned out to be pretty shitty sound quality wise - and awfully scripted! I sounded like I was reading from a piece of paper ;-) LOL. SO, I've been playing around some more, and would like a couple of people to step forward as volunteers - download them, listen to them, critique them, and tell me what you really think! Then run and hide, before I beat you!! E-mail me if you have any working knowledge of sound recording, or podcasts!!

Next up, I'm adding shit loads of new content to the members galleries!!! YEAH!!!! I'm also changing around the format a little throughout the site, and gathering it all together - because my site has been online for so long, it's a little scattered throughout.

Anyone know anything about TGP's or Top lists? My links page is too long, but I do want to be able to promote some of the better sites out there, and I was thinking a top list might be a good way to go about it?? Any suggestions?

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