Thursday, June 01, 2006

Feeling wicked...

Well, just got home from the gym where I swear I must have been hit on forty times by high school & college age boys... if only they knew ;-) I get so many compliments at this place - in fact, I'm thinking about writing a review for Shiseido Revital Face cream - I swear it's reversing the aging process. They should use me in their advertisements!!! I've been using it for 4 years now, and honest to god, I look younger every day ;-) Which reminds me - I'm almost out... whoever buys me a jar from my wishlist on will get something special of mine in return. Some guys at the gym today thought I was 26 - instead of 33!! Of course since my surgery I work out like a maniac, and eat really healthy foods 98% of the time... (as I stuff a starburst - opal fruit - into my mouth)!!!

Anyway, I've been cleaning up my links list, and while checking all the links, and browsing on the web, I just came across this site - Jesse Kitty - her blog is interesting (if you're into alcoholic, drugged out goth girls playing DOM) - BUT I have to say even though she's probably high a lot of the time, she writes well, and is *quite* funny! So go vote for me & let her know I liked it enough to talk about it ;-) Only downside while on her blog, I got pop-up spammed by webcam girls -- not my thing... Ooooh.... I loved the pics of the rat traps and the guy with his cock in it while she's webcamming with him ;-) Now that's highly unusual, and definitely different!! Do any of you remember when I used to do that stuff, and post my screen captures from the chatroom and webcam?? I only stopped because all the non-creative "dominas" online started stealing my scripts & ideas... but I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?? Jesse Kitty has made me want to start again.

I'm still waiting on some femdom stories.... Get e-mailing them, or posting them on the forum!!!

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