Friday, June 16, 2006

This weekend..

So, only 3 slaves are going to be attending my place this weekend - one today, and two on Saturday. Big difference from the last party I threw at my place, but I guess it's to be expected that when I go MIA for such a long period of time, everyone loses interest in little old me ;-) LOL

Anyways, not to worry! I plan on having a lot of fun! Today I'm off this morning to Georgetown to get my hair done by Carlos - he is SO good... rated in the top 10 hair stylists in the DC area! Getting an appointment with him takes month in advance, and this has been on my calendar for a very long time!! Ralph will be meeting me in G'town for a late lunch, and a "getting to know me" session before following me back to my place, where we'll have a fun time one on one before anyone else arrives! We've already talked on the phone half a dozen times, and exchanged many many e-mails, so I feel like I already know so much about him! Leanne & Elizabeth are joining me this evening, and we're going to enjoy a night at my place, being served and entertained by Ralphy boy!!

Olivia is hard at work already, helping the crew who arrived moments ago to set up the marquis on the lawn near the pool area. Olivia has been taking water samples, and making sure the temp is just how I like it, and that it's sparkling blue! I could do with a few sissies to take care of my laundry, and change my bed, and spiff up the guest rooms a bit, but I'm sure Olivia will see to it at some point. She's such a good all around maid, cook, chauffeur, foot slave that I don't know what I'd do without her!!

Anyway, I must run, and if I have a chance, I'll blog some more over the weekend! I'm actually hoping to get Leanne, Liz and myself on webcam maybe tonight, or tomorrow night.... stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

Ms Julie,

Sorry I am going to miss Your party this time. I joined too late to be able to make it--perhaps next time? I look forward to seeing how things go for You.