Thursday, June 01, 2006


Please tell me that none of you sicko's are running around doing this (and how did this become a "fetish")? YUCK! However, it has given me some good ideas for a scene or two... make some guy(s) jerk off for a day or two into containers, and suck it up into my own toy water gun, and then as a punishment, make some other slave open wide, and take what's coming to him... or just shoot random men in the eyes - they all deserve it... Anyway, I digress ----- Read on.... Oh and can you believe it, two posts in one day? What has come over me??

Man Shoots Little Girls With Squirt Gun Loaded With Semen

As an 8-year-old girl looked at toys in an Orlando Kmart, a 5-foot-6, 160 pound man with blondish-brown hair politely approached and asked her to open her mouth. Yes, this story gets really nasty. When she refused, he pointed a fish-shaped squirt gun at her, sprayed her face, snapped her photograph and ran. What he shot on her face was not water but semen from inside a squirt gun. The picture he took was going to be used no doubt to help refill the gun.

Apparently this was at least the ninth time -- possibly the 11th -- that a bizarre child molester has struck in the past year, police said.

Most of the squirting incidents have occurred at Wal-Mart stores in Orange County. The man appears to be targeting children who are alone in the toy section of stores.

Forensic psychologist Jeffrey Danziger said the attacker may be acting out a sexual fetish. He also might suffer from a mental illness and be psychotic and delusional. Once again we can thank a forensic psychologist for his take on the fucking obvious."Squirting semen in someone's face would be for the purpose of the humiliation, shock and the anger it causes," Danziger said. "He's going back home to relive it and relish it. An assault like this against a child is more twisted still."

He said it was impossible to predict whether the assaults might turn more violent. "Some sexual offenders are nonviolent, like exhibitionists," he said. "Others might progress, I've heard of strange sexual fetishes, but I've never heard of this."

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