Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another full length movie...

Here's another movie to download. You will need to get HJsplit to put it together (very simple to use -- any idiot can do it)... More German femdom - feet, dangling, trampling, and lots and lots of shoe changes!!
50.00 MB
50.00 MB
50.00 MB
8.69 MB

HJSplit can be downloaded here!

Well, I'm beat.. I didn't have any bloody diet rockstar today, and am fading fast. I have a play date with a newbie tomorrow - that should be fun!! Gotta get my beauty sleep ;-) Goodnight all.... XXX

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Anonymous said...

Hi julie, glad o find your blog on the internet while I was looking for some videos of female punishment, I think we should chat on the msn, and share points of view and stuff, I never have been whit a dominatrix, but is something trully wish, plz contact, bye.