Sunday, June 11, 2006

New pics added...

I've been trying to figure out a way to easily post pics (pics that *I* did not shoot, nor buy - as all my original content will still be posted on my site)....

Anyway, I've come up with FLICKR (this will take you directly to my account) and you can browse through all the photos I've uploaded since last night. Face sitting, foot worship, cbt, and more! AND, I'd posted a message in my yahoo group (which I plan on doing away with, before yahoo closes it down a second time), about it being a free account - Karsten, sponsored my account, so now I have unlimited upload/download!

I'm planning on nixing the yahoo group in favor of a new forum that I just purchased yesterday -- anyone want to help me install and tweak it? I also purchased the blogging tool, and image tool for it, and I'm really excited about the possibilites!!

Over in the members area, you get the whole Gwen Media, Rubber Klinik 2 movie for download... hurry before it gets removed from

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