Friday, June 02, 2006

Good morning...

Well I've already had 3 spinning classes this morning, and it's only 9.30am! I'm getting out of here shortly, and have a session lined up with a slave who has really NO IDEA what he's in for! LOL.

I gave him very vague instructions for today. He's got to wear something he doesn't mind getting dirty, and he has to first park his car at the top of my driveway, and then walk around the right side of my house to meet me at the entrance of my trail. That by itself I've found is a little disorientating. I'm going to plan on being on horseback, and he's going to walk alongside of me & Athena to my stables, where I've got quite a set up... riding crops, floggers, cat-o-nine tails, whipping post etc.,

The vision of me upon my horse, with only riding boots on - well what can I say? I'm sure he'll melt when he sees me, and be absolutely 100% agreeable to anything that I say.... :-) My jail cells are only minutes away from the stables, and after some light work, (read - mucking out the stable, and moving some heavy shit for me) I'll have him strip, hose off, and crawl alongside my horse to the cells. If he's been an outstanding help, then perhaps he won't get whipped. You see, the sun makes me incredibly horny, and being naked, straddling a huge animal, gets me REALLY very wet, so it could be that he's going to get tied down to a bunk, and I'm going to ride his face, until I cum over and over again. I will probably also milk his cock several times, and make him deposit it on my riding boots, where he'll then have to clean it up, and shine them again.

Well I can't wait to leave here - anyone want to give any other suggestions for torturing or teasing this poor bastard??? Leave a comment!

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