Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Thank God!!!

I have been trying since May 12th to update my blog. Blogger by google officially sucks. I've had to take it down completely from my server, and serve it from blogspot. I don't get it. It has spent the last 3 weeks just hanging completely when I'd go to publish it! AAAARRRRRGGGGHH! I have been so frustrated! Every day, twenty times a day, I'd try to send those last two posts to the server...

You're going to see major updates to the members area over the next few days - I've been working like crazy on the free area - mostly the links pages, and free stories. I've got a shit load of new stories to upload to the forums -- and it would make me very happy if YOU would contribute also! Just register, and post.. it's really very simple!

I'm still looking for a simple to use chatroom that I can install, so I can get my live chat's back up and going. I do miss them!

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