Monday, May 01, 2006

Memorial Day Coming...

On the 27th, and 28th I'm going to throw a huge party at my estate in Columbia MD. Think of it as a getting to know my website members, with an introduction to female domination for you. About 8 of my closest girl friends will be in attendance, and will expect to be waited on hand and foot by you... should you choose to accept the invitation. I have also extended invites to several pro-dommes that I'm friends with. My fully furnished dungeon will be open for play, as will my outdoor activity areas. You'll get to see my stables, my jail cells, my public whipping post & pillory, and the inside of my house! Down by the lake you'll see the pagoda where we'll hold a slave auction.

There is ample parking for those of you who can drive here, and there will also be a shuttle service from BWI airport, which is only minutes away from my place. Until you arrive at my location I expect that you be discrete. You may not bring any cameras or video taping equipment with you, however some of you may be asked to sign a release & participate in photo taking with my photographer. You will be asked to leave your cell phones in your car, or your hotel room.

A few of you may even get to spend the night. If you accept this invitation, I would like you to commit to a 4 hour block of time - this way we can organise our events through the day and evening, knowing that every four hours we may have slaves arriving, or leaving. This also means that whoever is posted at the gate, doesn't have to sit there for the entire two days.

My bedroom and office will be locked and off limits, and I hope that you will treat my home with the greatest of respect. Everyone who shows up will be taken inside, and re-dressed, and given a slave name for the duration. There are lockers where you may store your street clothes and personal items. Your key will be attached to your cock ring or chastity device.

Forget about the other world kingdom. This is here, and although at times we can be heartless bitches, we aren't cold, hearthless, czech bitches. Come with an open mind, and an interest in learning...

Now, obviously I want to know that if you RSVP you're serious. I don't want 300 people to tell me they're coming, and only 10 actually show up (I'm going to have lunch and dinner on Saturday & Sunday catered), Brunch on Sunday will be done by slaves, and obviously I need an accurate head count... SO... put your money where you mouth is.. $100.00 - you can either paypal it to or you can send a check/money order to:
11006 Viers Mill Road, L-15-199, Wheaton, MD 20902. Make sure you attach your e-mail address, so I can find out your particular travel arrangements, and get to know you a little via e-mail/phone first.

You will not need to bring any money with you to this event. I'm not looking to make anything out it, and you will not be expected to "tip" as is customary at the events I've been to. If you feel like it, you may bring some flowers, or dessert, or a toy for the dungeon, but again, it's not necessary. I want this to be a no hassle, fairly low key, pleasant event.

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Anonymous said...


i would be VERY interested in serving Your desires and the desires of Your friends for that weekend. it would be my pleasure to be at Your convenience. however, i would like to ask if You are considering moving the weekend due to lack of participation? i will await Your answer before proceeding.