Tuesday, May 09, 2006


OK, things just go from bad to worse around here sometimes. Yahoo fucked me over completely - they took down my msjulie group - which I've had online since 1998 with them, and before that my group was with egroups/onelist from 1994-1998. I could scream! I loved my yahoo group!!! I do still have the Unworthy Group on yahoo - but I'm now not sure that they won't close it down.... SO.. I have to figure out something else... in the meantime I'll use the bulletin board to post my daily rantings, and ravings... IT IS NOW FIXED, AND OPEN, and can only be accessed by MEMBERS!!!! YEAH!!!! Click here to get to it!

SO I need help with the following. My shopping cart on attitudesboutique needed updating - so I moved to Zen-Cart - I like it, and I like the ugradeable features I get with it, and I was able to install it, however, I can't modify the template - so I've got this blah classic template that looks nothing like my site used to look. It's awful actually - blue background, no banners... it's sucky. I'd like to get all of my old graphics back in there, but I don't know how to do it...... :-( Are there any web designers reading, that could help me out with a few things? I'd like to be able to understand how it works completely, so I can play with it at will - like I do with msjulie.com

I've finally fixed all my IP and DNS problems - and all the sites are now up and working, and I can now get mail. Try going without mail from the 29th of April till yesterday -- boy was that difficult or what! Luckily I rely heavily on my yahoo e-mail address, so I still had that.

So if there are ANY slaves out there who'd like the chance to get to know me, and help me out at the same time with my attitudesboutique.com website, I'd like it if you'd write to me!

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