Thursday, October 09, 1997

First assignment slave boys:

October 9th, 1997
Hi there slaves :‑) So, I trust all of you were able to check out yesterday's article on letter writing etc., well you now all have some homework to do. Sit down and pen one of us lovely dommes a letter, save it, then go in and re‑read it etc., in a day or two, fix it up some more, and then e‑mail it to us. The title of the letter should read 'Homework' and you can send it to either myself, or Nichole. Depending on each person, and what you write, we'll come up with a second assignment for each of you. So get cracking.....

I spent the majority of today running errands in Nichole's car, as mine is in the shop.... perhaps never to come out again :‑( Tonite at 9pm, Nichole is hosting a Bi‑female meeting at her house, that should be interesting to say the least... so I'm going to be hanging out with them :>) I'll let you know tomorrow if I hooked up with anyone other than Nichole!!!
Well that's it for tonite, and remember slaves, we're all waiting on your 'homework' assignment.... make them good!

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