Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Personal servants..

October 28th, 1997
Good evening slaves... well I had an extremely busy Monday ‑ chock full of sessions, with several slaves. Luckily the very last slave that I had was David, so I allowed him to pamper me :>) After wearing my thigh high boots all day, my tootsies were ready for some deep massage... and of course licking! After working on my toes, David worked on my calves, and all the way up over m buttocks, and up to my back. God it was so relaxing! It felt great! After a really nice massage, David ran me a bath, and scrubbed my back, washed my hair, shaved my legs, and after I'd soaked for a half hour, was waiting with a nice huge warm fluffy bath robe for me to step into!! Once I'd heated up, David moisturized my entire body from tip to toe, brushed my hair out, and massaged my head..... While I was soaking, he'd gotten my bed changed, and new sheets put on, and it all pulled back, ready for me to climb into... While I was getting comfy in bed, David went to the
kitchen, and returned with a big cold glass of milk, and a chocolate chip cookie, then he was off and running around making sure all my doors, and windows were locked, and that all the lights were out, before leaving to go home for the night... It is so nice being pampered like this!!

Today I spent working on the website, and supervising slaves who were doing
some work around my house ‑ cutting the lawn, weeding, cleaning etc.,

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