Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Visit to the Lake.

Well, I've had a brilliant weekend at last! I called up an old subbie, late Thursday night, and told him I was planning on being down in VA the next morning, and would like him to serve me, my sister, and a couple of my friends. He was thrilled! He hadn't seen me in well over a year, and he got his place ship shape within a few hours. Myself, Gemma, Nichole, Elizabeth and Sammie arrived at Lake Anna around noon on Friday.

Fred was in total slave mode the minute we pulled into this driveway. He has a gorgeous place on the private side of the lake, with several acres, and a few horses. It's beautiful, quiet, and serene. Just what I needed after the shit month or so I've had.

Anyway, we all went in and left Fred outside struggling with our baggage. We found his deck, and it was all beautifully set out with a big jug of fresh made lemonade, 5 glasses, and a platter of croissants all waiting for us. We kicked back and made ourselves at home. Fred came through a little bit later and asked if we'd like to see where we'd be sleeping. He had put Elizabeth & me up in the loft, which has the most beautiful view over the lake, with big open beams and our own en-suite bathroom.

He gave my sister the dorm room next to me, small, but quaint, all done in plaid, and she too had a great view of the lake. Nichole and Sammie were downstairs next door to Fred's master bedroom in a beautiful large oak bed, that looked like it had been hand made. Everything was spotless, and really very pretty for a guy's place.

We all went back out to the deck, and told Fred what it was that we'd be expecting of him that day. He was just going to be at our beck and call. I told him he could start by fixing us lunch, while we went to say hello to his horses. I felt pretty bad, cause I've neglected my own horse for quite some time. I also told him that for today, I just wanted to kick back and relax, (after having a good talk with my sister) and the girls pretty much wanted to do the same.

Lunch was awesome. Fred outdid himself. He cooked an amazing salmon on the grill, and used it with mangos in a field green salad. It was very good! Fred was an excellent host, making sure we had everything we needed. We allowed him to sit and eat with us while we discussed what we might want to do all weekend.

Fred went and got his row boat ready, and a paddle boat for the girls. Myself & Gemma were going to ride with him, so I could talk to her privately. He rowed around the lake, while I talked. It was so peaceful. I was able to clear the air with Gemma, and explain how things were going to go from here on in. It was also quite funny watching the girls mess around on the paddle boat.

After the ride, I hit the hammock, and the girls waited for Fred to get the deck chairs down to the beach. They all had plenty to talk about, me I just wanted to snooze ;-) I've been working out so damn much at the gym, that I'm just exhausted. I slept in the hammock from about 2pm till 4pm, and just as it started to get a little chilly, Fred arrived with blankets, and a picnic basket filled with goodies. We walked down to the beach, and he gave all the girls blankets, and flasks -- he had made soup for all of us.

Anyway, I have to run... I've tried to get as much of this up as possible, but haven't even made it to the good part... guess what we do Friday night with Fred??

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