Thursday, April 10, 1997

Chat room fun!

04/10/97 ‑Sarah, Nichole and I went onto AOL last night for a laugh ‑ we went into the chat rooms ‑ submissive men, and crossdressers ‑ it was a hoot!!

We created our own room called MsJuliesdungeon .We're thinking of fooling around on there again tonight if you want to join us ‑ however don't IM us ‑ it gets way too crazy (and you'll just be ignored)!! We'd like to try and have a nice intelligent discussion, and if that is way too above you, then don't bother stopping by.... you'll only get totally humiliated..... BTW ‑ wear something really sexy!!

Anyhow, I'm off to get a pedicure and a facial massage ‑ then all of us are doing happy hour at Studebakers ‑ so we'll see you on AOL tonight.....

And for those of you without AOL ‑ find out, (or do it for me), how to create a chat room on here ‑ I tried but couldn't be bothered figuring everything out ‑ I'm much better at domination than I am at web page designing.... I guess I'll be keeping my day job ;>)

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