Monday, April 07, 1997

Men are Pathetic...Worthless... Scumbags for the most part

04/07/97 ‑ Good morning slaves. I'm really not in a very good mood today, and am even less so when I get pathetic e‑mails telling me why you can't/won't send a tribute for the website & to get your password and ID... now I'm not quite following the logic behind some of your stupid excuses ‑ for instance how can you possibly afford a computer, but not have a spare $10.00 cash to send in the mail...? Was there something difficult with our demands of a $10.00 a month tribute? No I don't think so... So therefore why am I getting these bloody e‑mails filled with nothing but bloody excuses??

We are not interested in your pathetic excuses, nor do we care to read about them. We are concerned however that our demands are not being met. Last month we received a grand total of $755.00 to put towards a $1,000 bill, (which we had to pay) this month so far we've accrued $250.00 in tributes to go towards the $1,000 bill that is sitting on my desk. We will not be paying for this website again this month. You will be. You will get off your lazy arses, and put a measly $10.00 in an envelope. If you want to send cash, then do, just make sure you wrap it in some paper before placing it in the envelope.

Also, for those of you who are expecting something back ‑ put your address neatly on the letter, especially whomever sent $45.00 for a scat video that they haven't received ‑ we have your money, we have a very short one line note, we have a signature that we can't read, and we don't have an address to send it to.....DUH!!!

Now, some other things that we have a problem with or are concerned with are:‑ Don't dare call us unless you've been instructed to, or are confirming an appt, or are lost & on your way to an appt. Don't call us to 'chat', we don't have time to listen to mindless drivel ‑ if we want to hear from you, we'll call you. We're sick of our phone ringing incessantly all day and all night long. Give it a rest, before we put it through the wall. If you are calling as instructed but one of us can not be bothered to talk right then, (or heaven forbid we're actually here, doing a session) leave a message, don't call 10 more times in a row, what you may have to say is definitely not that important that it warrants us having to sit here and listen to the phones ringing off the hook.

Next, don't come by unannounced. It's rude, and we don't appreciate it. Thanks for the gifts that you brought by, but a phone call, and asking if it would be OK to do so, would have been in order.

Thanks for all of the flowers, champagne, and other gifts that we received for our birthdays. Thanks to Ned, Gail, Alan, Caroline, Tom, Robert, Frank, Bob, Barbie, Vic, Charles, and especially Lolita for the lovely gifts. Thanks to Lady Sarah for the really cool Tina Turner tickets!!

Charles thanks for taking care of the lawn work, and I'll look forward to seeing you next weekend.

As you know today is Ms Sarah's birthday ‑ I do hope you all sent her a nice birthday card, and well wishes for the upcoming year...... She'll probably have much to tell you tomorrow... That's all for the updates today ‑ I'm off out for the afternoon ‑ see you all here tomorrow night when I'll have lots of new and exciting things for you to see.

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