Wednesday, April 09, 1997

No more e-mail! I can't take it anylonger!!!

04/09/97 ‑ We're not going to be here this weekend, so there will be no sessions ‑ if you were planning on scheduling to see any of us, make alternate arrangements.... We'll be gone from Thursday night, till Monday. I still haven't gotten to my e‑mail ‑ I just can't be bothered... plus I just had my nails done, and it's so slow typing with them when they've just been re‑done. Don't start resending any e‑mail ‑ or my boxes will get jammed yet again!! ;>) God, we just love being so damned popular!!Anyhow, we're off to do some shopping, more changes will be done later tonight, after I'm through with my little Buddha‑man slave ‑ Greg.

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