Monday, April 14, 1997

Nudists & handcuffs...

04/14/97 ‑ Well Good morning slaves... God so much has been going on around here. Ms Ashleigh & Lady Sarah got back from Michigan a few hours ago.. Ms Nichole & I didn't go to the beach this weekend ‑ it was really shitty weather, instead on Friday we went to a nudist camp, with another couple ‑ who are friends of ours. It was a hoot! I've never been to a nudist camp before, although I've gone topless all the time in Europe on the beaches etc., Nichole just loved it & spent the entire day and evening reveling in it all. It was very much of a party scene & we ended up getting quite sloshed! We watched a movie, played some game called towers and then watched a porno station with about 5 other people and stayed up the entire night naked! Because it was rather sexy and exciting, one of the girls there had this vibrating dildo, that I decided to take and put on, and show her how to use it ‑ (she'd never used it before, and couldn't even figure out how to put the thing on her much less use it!) Well then I needed a subject ‑ so Nichole graciously offered her lovely pussy to me ‑ I'd never done it before with a vibrating dildo, so that was 'interesting' ;>)

Saturday morning at around 11am after catching a few hours sleep, we left the nudist camp and went downtown to the Cherry Blossom Rugby Tournament ‑ -- nothing like watching hundreds of tough looking studs playing a really rough sport!! Saturday night we went to a club in Baltimore, and met these two cute submissive guys and got drunk again ‑ We told them about some of the stuff that we get into, and what it is we like to do and this time managed to get home at around 5am... with them in tow ‑ we took them to the dungeon, (they hadn't at all believed us earlier that night, and kept saying that we were just bull shitting them...) were we promptly tied both of them down to a rack and a bed then we both went upstairs to get some sleep...

Several hours later ‑ around noon, we woke up feeling a tad refreshed, and went downstairs to the dungeon to A) make sure we really had brought home some prey, and that B) we hadn't been dreaming. We weren't dreaming, and they weren't either! Those guys were so much fun.

This morning at the gym was the treadmill workout from HELL. Those 6 or 7 drinks that I had this weekend, just messed me up completely. (I'm such a cheap date!!) I haven't really drank in ages, and definitely haven't been that drunk in ages, so just a couple of mixed drinks does it for me!

On Saturday night, when I was going over to a friends house to meet up with Nichole, I got onto the beltway from our exit, and crossed over the four lanes into the fast lane doing 72mph (this is slow for me) ‑ yes I got pulled over straight away ‑ I didn't see the under cover cop car that I sped past ;>) whoops! Anyhow, to make matters worse, I'd lost my International drivers license a while ago & was still waiting on my family sending me a new one, and I had a bag full of bottles of alcohol from the night before on my back seat.... The officer came down, and asked me for drivers license & registration... well my registration was in my glove dept along with my new stickers (my tags had just expired) luckily for me, he really liked my accent & what I was wearing, and suggested that I put my new stickers on my tags, and get a new license pronto!! I was noticing his handcuffs hanging over the light in his car, and was starting to think that was a kind of cool place for them, when he then suggested I give him a call at the station on Monday (today) and to be 'good' in the meantime... hmmm ‑ should I give him a call? Blow his mind??

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