Thursday, May 22, 1997

05/22/97 ‑ Hi slaves, well today has been spent running back & forth to radio shack, getting adapters, cables, and god knows what else, in order to upload the 96 new pics that I took of Ms Diana, and Ms Nichole yesterday from my cool (but battery chomping) digital camera. It goes through batteries quicker than any of us do with our vibrators, and boy do we go through those.... :>) Stock in energizer is an on‑going joke around here.

Anyhow, When I've not been fooling with cables, and pulling my 'puter (now, now, get your mind out of the gutter) back and forth, I've been cleaning up, and adding new links in various places... however now I can't remember where those were.... Oh yeah, the sub fat pages have got an overhaul, and the fat links pages have been updated, and revamped. I think Diana and Cole should change the directory to BBW instead of fat -- I hate that word!

I'm missing my dungeon incredibly and haven't played with my toys, or my slaves for days now... however it seems Ms Nichole & Ms Diana are more than making up for my time away!! Don't you just love summer?? All those nice tanned feet in sandals, and flip‑flops? Now that it's here, we just love gifts of foot jewelry ‑ anklets, toe‑rings etc., of which you can pick up at most malls, in stores that sell hair accessories, and bracelets/necklaces etc., so go pick us up something nice for our beautiful feet!!

If you'd like to send us your nasty photo, and a little bio about yourself, we'd love to feature YOU!! Perhaps you have a nice cock ring that you want to model for us... or show us your cock sucking skills with a dildo.... or perhaps you have a nice pair of sexxxy panties that you'd like to show off.... send them to us at

Another new thing that we're going to be doing is featuring some of your letters, fantasies, and stories that you send to us... we figured that some of them are too good to let go to waste... you will of course remain anon, unless you tell us otherwise.

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