Thursday, June 05, 1997

Goddess Dee-Dee

06/05/97 ‑I just got my new issue of Secret Magazine (Issue #12) ‑ and lo and behold, there's an interview with MOI in it!! You will have to go out and purchase it and read the interview very carefully!! They did an awesome job!

I've been training a new Mistress for the past few weeks, and she will be joining our empire shortly. Her name is Goddess Dee‑Dee and she'll be having some pics etc., done and put on the website shortly. She too will be keeping a journal, and will perhaps tell you all about her training period. I'd have to say that it was pretty grueling, but I just don't want anyone deciding to pick up a whip and beat people, with no training.... Tonight was spent with her trying on some hot new outfits that she bought for herself.. very sexxy!!

Ms Nichole & Ms Diana have booked a Saturday photo session (and no doubt sex session!!) for the early morning, so no doubt they will have lots of hot stories for all of you!! They are going to be doing some hot 2‑girl pics & trampling pics.

Ms Keri & Ms Ashleigh are still in school, and are being kept super busy with finals etc., they are hoping to be working full time again sometime around July. I know that you all will be waiting patiently for their updates again :>)

Well that's it for tonite, I'm off to bed, need my beauty sleep and all that good stuff!! :>) Goodnite slaves!!

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