Sunday, June 22, 1997

Tina Turner concert & legs... more legs..

06/22/97 ‑ Hey there doggies & worms..... yesterday was a lazy day for me, I got a great massage from one of my slaves, and then Nichole & Diana took over playing in the dungeon most of the afternoon. Nichole, Diana, myself, and a few of our other friends went last night to see Tina Turner in concert, at the Nissan Pavillion at Stone Ridge & it was fantastic. Unfortunately we were only able to get lawn seats, BUT, it turned out really well... We rented lawn chairs, and as I sat down in it, and kicked off my shoes to rub my feet in the cooler grass, I started to look around, and people watch. God this would be a foot fetishes heaven. I couldn't believe how many pairs of bare feet there were around me..

Women were walking around bare foot, and were peeling their stockings, and shoes off everywhere around me. Not too mention when the concert started, all they featured over and over again were Tina's fantastic looking legs, and her beautiful heels, as she danced around and strutted her stuff! Hanes was sponsoring the concert, so there were advertisements all around of stockinged legs, and feet, it really was quite funny. I was trying desperately to scope out the men, and see if any of them were paying an over‑abundance of attention to any of these bare feet, or shots of Tina's legs & feet!!

Anyhow, if you're a foot fetishist, and aside from the beach were you'd see lots of bare feet playing in the sand, I think the next best place to go see thousands of feet would be an outdoor concert! The concert was fantastic, it was a pity however that we hadn't thought to drag a slave along, cause we had to carry our own lawn chairs, and drinks....not to mention, we had to walk back to get to our cars.... and we really should have brought a blanket, and a cooler of water or something, it really was very hot out yesterday. A little helper slave boy would have been the ideal end to an ideal night!

By the way, if you want to get on our good side.... well you should buy us concert tickets for Nissan Pavillion much more often.... for instance, No Doubt, Garth Brooks, and Lollapallozza is coming up, and all of us here would love tickets to go see it... and perhaps you could be our little helper.... (and don't worry about sending us too many tickets, we have MANY girlfriends that would just love to accompany us to a concert!!)

Well that's it for today's updates, we're up to our pretty eyes in sessions today, and I'm about to do some slave training in just over an hour, so I've got to go get my other outfit on, after that, we're all off to the pool for a nice cool swim!!

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