Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Tongue my sweaty feet...

06/17/97 ‑ Whew what a weekend, I tell you!! I met this wonderful toilet slave on Saturday morning, and spent 3 hours training him. He was great!! He'd only ever done this twice before, but was acting like a pro‑shit eater!! Luckily for him I'd eaten Mexicano the night before ‑ beef & bean burritos etc., etc., and boy did I have a load to drop or what that following morning! God, the turds were huge!! Needless to say, my toilet did a fantastic job!! I'll definitely be seeing him again, and again, and again!! Luckily for me, he lives almost literally down the street :>) Perhaps I'll have him over every day for breakfast??

Sunday was a trip. I have this sissy slave that I've been training called Larry ‑ well Larry just revealed to me that he loves shoes (what is it with all these sissy slaves that I find? All of them have shoe, or foot fetishes??) so we went to the mall in search of those perfect pair of shoes!! I was imagining a new pair of spikes, or 5" heels, but, you'll never guess what his fetish is for.... Jelly's ‑ you know ‑‑ those plastic, hot pink/green/clear coloured shoes, that mostly kids wear ‑‑ you know what those look like right?? Well I now have them in every colour ‑ which is great, cause I'll wear them to the pool every day! Must be something about them tho ‑ maybe they smell more than other shoes cause you're wearing them in your bare feet? Or is it because the indentations of your feet show up rather quickly, compared with other shoes?? Or do they smell more funky than other shoes?? Do any of my other slaves have a fetish for Jelly's?? Anyhow, he was ready to blow his load when he saw them in this shoe shop window, he begged me to go in, and allow him to put them on my feet... After making him sweat for a few minutes, I agreed... I of course made him get down on his hands and knees, and put them on properly. He was just oohing, and aaahing all over them... It was so funny to see!! Anyhow, I explained to the girl working there, that my sissy friend had a thing for shoes.... well dear old Larry just about keeled over at that comment, but a jelly in his face, brought him back to reality!! After Larry had purchased the Jelly's in every colour imaginable, I had him put one pair on me, and we walked around Montgomery Mall. After an hour or two, I noticed that my feet were beginning to slide in & around them, and that they were squeaking from the sweat gathering. Larry's ears perked up, and he was drooling right there in the mall. I decided that we should go back to the dungeon, and that he should clean my feet with his tongue, and my new shoes.... I also got a great foot massage out of it!! :>) What a wonderful afternoon!

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