Friday, February 03, 2006

This morning..

After I got done with spinning class, I called one of my slaves up to meet me at the mall. I have desperately needed new underwear, and thought today was as good as any!

Clarke met me at the entrance to Victorias Secret and I needed to check a couple of things before we went any further. One. Was he wearing his chastity device? He'd been locked in it for TWO whole weeks, and I had the key in my purse. A quick grab at his crotch showed me he was indeed still firmly locked into it. I reached into my purse, and got out the small key. I handed it to him, and told him that when we went into the store, he'd come into the changing room with me, and remove the device. I told him if he was a good boy, we'd have some edge play.

The Second thing that I wanted to check was to see if he had indeed gone to the ATM to withdraw $300 each of the last two days. He handed over his wallet for inspection, and I was pleased to see $600.00 in new notes. That is EASY to spend at the mall.

After that we went inside the store. Normally someone there recognises me, but today it looked like all new staff. Goodie! Clarke knows that he has to hold my purse and walk directly behind me. He is to answer only when I speak to him. The first stop was the large table of thongs. I went through and picked out 7 pairs at $18.00 each. God only two steps in the door and I'd already spent $126.00. Clarke took them from me, and I continued to browse.

Next stop was the co-ordinating panties and bra's. I found the most gorgeous lemon lace set, but wasn't sure what size I'd need. I signalled for help, and asked if someone could come to the changing area and measure me. I told them Clarke was coming too. The sales lady who was quite unnattractive looking, gave us a look, and showed me the way. I made a big deal of getting out of my workout clothes. Pretty soon I was standing naked from the waist up, and my arms up in the air. While she was reaching around me, I was staring at Clarke's trousers. There he was with the key in his hand, and fumbling to get into his pants without this sales lady noticing, and all the while he was dying to look at my body! It was hilarious. When the sales lady was about to finish, I asked her to check it, because it sounded "wrong"... ;-) so she had to go at it again. She of course came up with the same measurements that she had given me the first time, and by this time, Clarke had managed to free his cock from his chastity device.

I asked the sales lady if she'd mind grabbing me a lemon, black and a white set in my size, and bringing them back to me. I didn't want to get dressed again to go out and pick them up. She was less than amused ;-) I instructed Clarke to come over, and remove my shoes, socks and workout pants. I love seeing a slave on the floor on his knees, in front of me! He was just folding my clothes and putting them on the seat, when the sales lady came back with my 3 sets. I thanked her, and said that Clarke would help me get into them. She grunted, and left the changing room area.

I turned my back to Clarke, and instructed that he get the bustier top from the lemon set, and put that on me. I love feeling a guy reaching around me, his arms brushing against my skin, feeling the electricity between us. I reached my arm back, and grabbed his cock through his pants. It was ROCK hard. I told him to drop his trousers. He did, and his cock was sticking straight out of his boxer shorts. Such a turn on. I turned around fully to look at him, and show him the bustier. I grabbed his cock again, and he almost came right there. No No, I said, not yet. I told him I wanted to milk him dry, over and over again. I undid the lemon bustier, and dropped it to the floor. I then took his cock again, and milked him, slowly, until he was quietly begging and pleading with me to stop. He was fit to burst. I told him that he was going to sit on the bench, and I was going to place one of my legs up on it. He did as he was told quickly. I put on the black lace bustier, and lifted my leg up. His face was inches away from my pussy, and he was dripping pre cum everywhere. I slid my panties across my pussy, and told him to lick me until I was nice and wet.. I grabbed his head and pushed him in closer to me, humping it. I was really turned on. I hadn't gone shopping like this in a while, and knowing we could get caught at any time, was really turning me on!

I decided I'd milk him again this time through the pair of new black panties that he was about to buy for me. I put them on, and sat down on his lap, I squeezed and moved my hips back and forth, gripping his cock through the new panties. Again I brought him right to the brink and stopped just short.

I stood up and took everything off, and tried on the last set. A beautiful virginial bridal set that was silky soft. I put the bra and panties on and made him get on the floor in front of me. I commanded him to jerk off all over my feet. I was adamant about it cumming on my feet, because he was going to lick it clean. All of it. He wasn't allowed to waste a drop, or I'd have to do something really humiliating to him, here, in the store.

In 10 seconds flat he'd come on my feet, and cleaned them up.. We got dressed and went to the checkout. We spent a whopping $240.00. It was time for the next shop....

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