Sunday, February 05, 2006

My weekend sucked!

Let's start off with Friday. Got done at the gym kinda late because I'm taking all these extra classes from everyone else's schedule, so I can get enough time off without sucking up my vacationdays. I'd already taken my clothes and stuff with me, so I showered and changed at the gym. I was meeting my friends down at Powerplant live.

I have to say I wasn't feeling like my normal self, just a smashing headache right behind my eyes. My friends Trish & Elizabeth, Sammy & Sarah were in top form. When it's a girly night out, they certainly bring their A game! Me I stuck to Orange Juice... I have to say, although it does make me sound like an alcoholic, it's not AS much fun being out and being stone cold sober! God is that one of the signs?? I mean I don't drink every night of the week.....

By Saturday, I was feeling awful, coughing, runny nose, sore body, I was sure I had the flu. I had spent the entire night up and down the stairs, just not able to sleep. Boy that's not like me, especially not when there are 2 other hot chicks in my bed, and two other rooms with hot chicks in them! LOL

The girls left around noon to go shopping for furniture at Ikea. I HATE Ikea, and had I not been sick, I still wouldn't have gone. What's with putting your own furniture together? Luckily Elizabeth has this butch mechanic lesbian that lives in a condo in her building that has the hots for her. Elizabeth makes her do all sorts of handy work around her place, and teases her.. hugs, kisses, and boobie flashes.

Nichole and her slave peechy also spent the night, and they too left around noonish after doing the whole craigs list thing again.. They are MAD.

After moping around all day, and then freaking out when I found that I'd broken out in a rash all over my body, at around 7ish last night I decided to go to CVS to get something for it - like alka seltzer cold and flu or something. When I got there, I noticed they now had their own clinic, with no waiting! Awesome, they even took my insurance! Although at that point, I was willing to pay any amount to find out what the hell was wrong with me!!

Anyway the nice lady DR did a 5 minute strep test on me, and I have strep.. oh yeah did I tell you I broke out in a rash all over my body? Totally scared the shit out of me! I thought I had measles, but apparantly a rash is a sign of strep throat in some people...

Anyway I'm stuck at home all day again today, and the stuff she gave me, hasn't really kicked in yet. I still feel pretty crappy, and my throat hurts :-(

SO... I'm around all day on the computer... Where is everyone? There are hardly any messages on my yahoo group!

Mistress Julie.

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