Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LA + Venice Beach..

It really is hard to remember everything I've done when I don't post for a few days at a time. However, I've been utterly exhausted when I've climbed into bed at night, and haven't even been able to crack open my laptop to do any sorta postings!

SO, here's the good stuff!

I met Patrick I guess on Friday morning. He is a member of my yahoo group & website, and sent me a GREAT e-mail about himself a week or two before I left MD. He definitely piqued my interest, not only because he mentioned areas of my life that he's definitely been following for some time, but also because he was persistent. He had apparantly sent me numerous e-mails over the years, but I'd never taken the time to write him back! LOL.

Guys, it really is SO much about the communication. I stress this over and over again! Because we're not face to face, you have to work doubly, and even triply hard to get a woman's attention online. That is of course if she's discrimating, and at all worth anything. Just take the time to put your heart into it, and then spell check it, and re-read it twice more.

If you honestly believe that you did your best with your initial communication, then she probably will notice, and take the time to reward you with a response. If she didn't, then it's time to try harder... You must understand that every dominant woman on the net has men chasing her. YOU have to stand out from the crowd. She's getting more e-mail every day than you probably get in a month. Every morning when I open my yahoo mail, I have at least 1900 e-mails.. I don't respond to even 20% of those.

I know this also sounds cliche - but a small gift (really like under $15) will make a BIG impression. It shows that YOU, out of all those other fuckwads, took the time, and the effort, to find something that she'll hopefully like. Even if she doesn't like it, she'll realise that you did put forth a greater effort than the rest of the bunch!

Anyway, I digress... Patrick's e-mail was well written, it told me a lot about him, and it told me the things that he loved about me. It stroked my ego in a good way. Women love compliments.. not the kind like - god I'd LUVVVV to fuck you... but proper, well intentioned compliments.

SO, I gave him very basic instructions. Send me your full name, your home address/telephone number (so I can do a look up, and know that it's for real, and not some mass murderer), and a cell or work number. I told him I'd call him while I was there.

He sent all of the above back to me, along with more.. his work address, with a mapquest from the airport to both his house, and his job. He also gave me his cell #, and told me what he drove (a jag) and the license plate #! LOL.. I'm no private detective, but I do appreciate it!

Anyway, I called him Friday morning and told him I'd like to see Venice Beach. I'd been here a few days and at least knew where my hotel was in relation to downtown and the airport. Patrick showed up right on time at my hotel, and after a quick breakfast together we set off for Venice Beach. Ocean Front walk was great, the sidewalk cafe, and of course muscle beach!! AFter wondering around watching the street vendors & performers, we rented some roller blades and had a blast. I got in some much needed exercise, and it was pretty funny to watch Patrick try to maneuver his way around people! Around 3ish, I told him it was time to take me back to the hotel. Luckily it's only a few miles away.

Once back in the jag, I gave Patrick some more pretty basic instructions for Saturday. He was going to pick me up for breakfast, and the rest (sight-seeing) was up to him! LOL, I never say anything like that normally! I certainly didn't tell him, but I was planning on definitely playing with him the following day. Before we left for the hotel, I made him give me a foot rub, it's always weird getting out of roller blades, and back into shoes & he did an excellent job! I of course noticed the huge hard on he had when I planted my feet firmly on his lap ;-)

I got back to the hotel in time to shower and change, and walk down to the convention rooms where Lisa was finishing her day. We had plans to go out that night for dinner with two of the bartenders from the hotel ;-) They had promised to show us the best sushi restaurant in town!

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