Monday, February 06, 2006

First morning spanking, administered by Mistress Julie

I am such a bitch when I wake up early! This morning was no exception, but I had to listen to Olivia pee and moan about her blisters on her feet! Mistress Nichole had forced her to clean the entire house yesterday wearing 6" high heels (stripper shoes really) with her tight, tight, tight, shiny rubber maids outfit. She had a bucket in one hand, with several toothbrushes, pinesol, scrubbers, 401, and more! Watching her teeter around in those killer heels was kinda funny to watch.

Anyway, she thought that at 4.30am this morning when I'm trying to get ready to go to the gym that I really wanted to hear about her feet. I grabbed the bamboo cane in the kitchen and had her assume the position over the kitchen table. I pulled her pants & undies down, and proceeded to crack her arse with the bamboo. She got 5 good cracks with it, and her arse had nice stripes across it when I was done.

Normally, she spends two hours cleaning in the morning before she goes off to work, but today I decided that she sit down immediately to make sure it smarted even more. I told her she was going to drive me to the gym. I felt much better by the time I'd arrived for my classes ;-)

I leave in 2 days for LA and I'm totally excited! I'm staying at some hotel near LAX airport, and that's all I know! My girlfriend Lisa is doing some sorta training out their for her company, and I'm going to tag along and visit a few spas, and RELAX! Maybe visit a few subs who've been VERY generous!

Obviously I'll be gone for Valentine's Day and a few of you asked about sending flowers. I LOVE FRESH FLOWERS! Especially during winter when nothing is blooming outside yet! I've added a few to my wishlist, and Amazon has been notified of the hotel address during the dates I am there!

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Anonymous said...

Mistress can't wait till you come back to DC! I've ordered a real nice bunch of flowers to be delivered to your hotel room on Valentine's Day & I did everything else that you requested of me! I have dropped off the key with Olivia, and will not be able to cum or even jerk off until you return. I have taken your truck for a service, and will personally detail it, so that it's perfect for when you get back.