Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Has it really become so mainstream?? Shitting in the woods, on a cop no less...

OK, would you be more worried about going into the bronx, or going into the woods at night to take a shit on a cop?? Surprisingly, it would seem the answers are split almost 50-50 !! Why is she a "former" dominatrix? Read the case here! Anyone ever heard of Angela Bella or done a session with her?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I had a wonderful session with her back in about 2000-2001. I ied to come back for a second session, but she wasn't available the second day I was in town.

Angela had recently returned from LA and was taking care of her mother. I remember her as very sweet and fun to be around.

She has appeared in at least one video, which I found through the BB Forum. Other than that, I haven't seen or heard from her. I hope she's well, and free of the legal BS this dirty cop caused her to suffer through.