Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rachael Ray's hubbie a pervert? No......don't say...

OK, she's way too fucking bubbly, and she's sooooo domesticated, and she seems so much like the cheerleader girl next door... well maybe that's the problem ~ her hubbie is apparantly paying a sex worker to spit on him, trample on him, and squish crap between her toes for him! What is the world coming to?? Ahem...

Well I'm still laid up in a hospital bed, however, I have at least been able to get out of bed over the last two days thanks to the strong arms of Josh & James my two male nurses ;-) Surgery on my hand is planned for Saturday at 4pm, so send lots of warm and fuzzy thoughts my way!!

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popularh14 said...

Hi Mistress Julie

Guess it's around 6.45 in the morning with you - I just wanted to say I'll be thinking of you when you go in for your hand surgery. Please keep posting as it's great to hear all your medical bulletins. Why not get your surgeon to post in your blog too?!!!

I went to a fantastic femdom party in London on Thursday night - loads of very sexy ladies and even more subbie guys. You would have loved it! There was a throne area where the Mistresses could sit and beckon subs up to massage their feet, worship their boots or whatever else took their fancy. Also a trampling cage where the ladies could dance on a carpet of males to their heart's content. Quite a lot of serious equipment for tieing subs too and flogging them also - I had a good flogging over a whipping bench a few times.

And the place was decorated with beautiful posters of Sardax drawings - I guess you know them?

All in all a paradise for dominant females and sub males!

Get well soon - I'm still expecting you in Paris!!