Monday, January 27, 1997


01/27/97 ‑ What a busy weekend I've had... I've spent all weekend (or most of it) looking for a new web host, as you all are just making this site sooooo popular, and even though I pay an additional fee to to have *UNLIMITED* bandwidth, it seems unlimited actually means I can't have 2+GB per day of traffic going through the site.... So now it seems he wants to charge me hundreds of dollars to host my site, (even though mind you ‑ when I went into this with him, I told him that I was averaging *many, many, many* hits per day, (850,000 in 8 months) and asked if he was sure he could handle it.... and what was his answer, "Why Julie, it's absolutely NO PROBLEM". No problem my ass!

Is it really my fault, that this guy has NO CLUE about anything? (OF COURSE NOT, DAMMIT!!) Not too mention, he told me he'd have real audio and video capability *very soon* and now all this time later, I still don't have them......(which by the way, is why I haven't gotten them up here yet ‑ as they are done, and look VERY GOOD!! ‑ scratch that ‑ they look TOTALLY AWESOME!!!)

Needless to say I'm not happy about this, so if anyone knows of a web hosting service who has no problems with lots of traffic, and *ADULT CONTENT*, and can handle real audio (so you can hear me when I'm yelling at you!!) and has a good reliable service, and doesn't want hundreds of dollars per month to host me, please let me know!! Thanks!!!

Besides that, I was at a superbowl party till the wee hours of the morning ‑ (4am) and even though I don't drink ‑ I feel like I've got a MASSIVE hang‑over, so everyone's going to be *very* quiet today, and stay well out of my way!!! I guess I'm getting old, and can't hang like I used to be able to!!

My DATE was a FLOP!! He literally almost choked when I told him what I'm into.... and couldn't understand why I'd want to do those things to someone, much less, how any *man* could be "submissive" to any woman..... Well, I told him exactly what I thought about his ideas, and boy am I glad I didn't have any dangerous toys with me.... or a dildo.... ;>)

I then left, and went to Bethesda and hooked up with my girlfriends, (and Lolita) who were all going to the movies at midnight, to see John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtiss new movie (Gosh it was hysterical by the way!!) so we all had a good laugh and almost pissed ourselves about 10 times! By the time I got home ‑ at like 4am (we went for breakfast after the movie of course!) the dweeb had called about 10 times, telling me he'd been thinking, that he was OK with me being the way I am, and if we went out a few more times, he'd 'show' me how great a relationship with him would be...... (VANILLA?? = BORING??) No thanks... needless to say I didn't return his calls....

Sunday I went to an antique store, and found this great 'chalice' ‑ it's really neat, and will be great for golden cocktails!! I can't wait to try it out!! Any takers??

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