Wednesday, January 22, 1997


01/22/97 ‑ Today's (and yesterday's) changes are kind of throughout the entire site, as I clean up some more of my bookmarks, and tidy out my office!! God, Lolita my sissy maid is organizing me quicker than I can keep up ‑ She spent all weekend cleaning my house, putting new locks on doors (she liked that!!) and building bookshelves for my office, as well as scrubbing my hard wood floors, all my bathrooms, bedrooms, and dungeon ‑ so now I've found all the neat things that I saved months ago to put on the web page, that I couldn't find because I was sooooo disorganized... Now I have a hundred and one more things for her to do ‑ my living room needs organizing, my library needs organizing, and my kitchen needs serious cleaning and re‑organizing!!!! Boy, she's going to be a busy little bee this weekend..... ;>)

It seems I'm also starting to have server problems, so will be probably moving to my 'own' server sometime within the next few months.... although it won't be an inexpensive move.....seems they can't handle all of the traffic, (but for several hundred dollars a month ‑ they could) and don't support a lot of the things that I'd like to be able to do! Oh well ‑ C'est la vie!!

Also, spent last night having 'foot' photos taken ‑ should be interesting to see what those came out looking like!! Tonite I'm having a foot bath/pedicure session with my newest addition to my sissy maid stable..... she's a very 'cute' and 'sexy' Asian. Very petite, wears size 4 panties, and a 34B Bra... and looks just adorable all made up in her french maids outfit!! She'll be here at 6pm and boy am I looking forward to my foot massage & back rub ‑ these 5" heels can kill a Lady!

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