Thursday, January 23, 1997


01/23/97 ‑ Today I'm really not a happy camper ‑ I woke up with blood everywhere ‑ on my thighs and on my sheets, so I guess today would be as good as any day to start the period section of my web page.....and I won't gross the rest of you out by telling you all about it here!!
Last night I had a great time with my little Asian maid!! She organized everything so well.... We started out with her getting the foot bath ready, and she put in some great soothing foot salts, and while my feet were soaking, I laid back, and she started shaving my long legs... She put shaving foam all over them one at a time, and was really great with the razor ‑ after shaving, each leg, she put on a loofah mitt, and put some massage scrub on it, and with the 'rough' side, massaged away all the dead skin cells on my legs. Then she rinsed off my legs, and went and got some clean water. My feet had been soaking throughout all of this, and felt wonderful.... Ashleigh who was sitting next to me, waiting on having her's done, fell asleep just from watching it!!!

Sherry (my little Asian maid) then took this cute little foot shaped brush, and started cleaning my feet, and toes etc., then came the pumice stone, which she rubbed back and forth over my heels, and the tops of my soles, to smooth away any rough skin. She then puts my foot back in the water, to rinse it off, cleaning it with more soap... She pulls it back out of the water, and sets it on top of the foot bath to dry off, while she starts the same procedure on the right foot.....

After doing the right foot, she then goes to the other foot, and covers it in peppermint foot lotion, and proceeds to give me an awesome foot massage ‑ doing fabulous things with my toes!!! After both feet were massaged, and my legs were silky smooth, she smothers my feet in Vaseline, and wraps them each in a warm towel. I then get a warm towel to get into, and then I lay on my stomach on the massage table, while she gives me an awesome massage all over using that warming massage oil!! (I just love having my arse cheeks, my neck, and my head massaged ‑ these are the weirdest spots, but boy do they feel good!!) Anyway, about half way through the back massage, I fell asleep.... and like a well trained sissy maid, Sherry cleans up everything, and then cleans my bathroom for me, while I snooze.... We didn't want to wake up Ashleigh ‑ so she missed out!!!

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