Tuesday, January 28, 1997


01/28/97 ‑ Well, I'm still looking for a new host for my site.... this is getting to be a long and tiring process, won't one of you sweet little subs help me out here?? At the rate things are going the cheapest I've found is around $295/month if I don't go over 3 GB of traffic per day..... (which I will) then it bumps up to $495.00/month. I should start a donation fund!! Seriously though, if anyone can help me in finding a host who will allow "Adult" content, it would be much appreciated...

Today's changes won't be a lot, mainly going through the entire site, and changing the layout, to scale it down some in size, and fix some broken links etc., (which you've all been kind enough to help me out with!) so do check it out!

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