Friday, January 24, 1997


01/24/97 ‑ Well today's another yuckky day ‑ due to my PMSing... I've been a real BITCH to everyone, including poor Ashleigh! She took 6 of the cane today, because she still hasn't been able to organize Keri, Nichole, and Sarah into finishing their 'favourite things' for their web pages.... Lolita's been annoying the hell out of me, trying to get my used tampons and pads ‑ (for the web page ‑ SURE!!) She's such a nasty little whore!

Today's going to be a very easy going day for me ‑ (I have CRAMPS you know!!) I'm going to go get my nails done ‑ they are painted black right now (!!!) and everyone keeps 'gawking' at them, when I go to the store, and asking 'stupid' questions like ‑ ""Oooh, is that black nail polish??"" Wanna see a pic? I bet you do! I'm fresh out of colours though ‑ so perhaps just a french manicure today?? I'll let you have a look, if you're really good!!

Anyhow, I've got to go to the mall, and find a dress to wear, 'cause I have a DATE tonite!! Oooh boy! ‑ I haven't been out in ages, so this should be interesting.... to say the least... by the way, he doesn't have any idea about my 'sexual preferences' so I plan on telling him early on in the evening, as I don't want to waste my time with another 'straight/vanilla/boring/plain/unimaginative' MAN!!! Poor guy, though, what a week to actually get set up on a date with me.... PMS is a horrible, horrible, thing, and can do wicked things to a normally perfectly 'calm' 'understanding' 'patient' woman..... (Not that I'm ever any of those!!)

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