Wednesday, January 29, 1997


01/29/97 ‑ Well what a load I've gotten done since last night.... I've finally gotten Lady Sarah to sit down in one place, and actually type out her favorite things.

That led to me being able to get started on one of my favourite sections feet and shoes.

Well I finally decided to get some new running shoes today, as the others just stink way too much ‑ I have this aversion to socks, and will not wear them ‑ except, I will have to admit, when staying at a friends house, I have worn their socks to bed ‑ to keep my tootsies warm of course!!

Now to another pressing issue ‑ Because and Lolita is out of town, (and really has way too much going on with other issues I need help with) Ms Nichole is looking for a VERY submissive sissy (who's trainable and a quick learner) to help out with housework & laundry etc., Any takers ‑ (And no, this is NOT a way to get 'free' sessions ‑ We don't have time for that type of a person, ‑ if you're looking for something out of this, besides being allowed to be in our very presence, then LOOK ELSEWHERE.... and if you're really not submissive, don't bother applying either.....) She's going to be in charge of training you, and explaining tasks to you, so send her some e‑mail and she'll interview you herself. You must LIVE in MD!!! or at least DC/VA!!

And yes I'm still looking for another adult provider ‑ and for those of you who've been sending suggestions, so that I'm not getting the same suggestions over and over again:

1. I already have searched (alta vista) for 'adult hosts' domain hosts 'adult content' ‑ Most of them who did accept adult content won't any longer ‑ an adult site is not profitable to them, as we eat up all of their bandwidth!!!

2. And yes, I've been using 'Whois' query to find out who the contact person for a bunch of the larger adult sites are ‑ again these people either tell me ‑ $495 for 3 GB per month, (or more!!) or that they no longer will accept any adult sites, and the people who they have now that have adult content, won't be signed back when the contract expires!! ‑ That's awfully nice of them....

So guys as you can see this is not an easy task!! So help me the hell out here!!

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