Friday, January 26, 2007

3 slaves, Ritalin & Oral worship....

WTF ---> Is up with yahoo? I've tried posting a few times today, and none of the messages are going through!! Talk about frustrating!!

I had an amazing night last Friday with a bunch of new and old girl friends -- I am going to post later in my journal about it tonight, with pictures. I've just spent the last hour looking at the photos - I have to find at least one where I'm not totally naked.

I know that the 3 slaves from that night joined up here, but could you give me an email so that I can add you to my *special* yahoo mailing group? I also want to send you each a copy of the pictures, or have you stop by this weekend and make yourself a copy on cd.

I have updated my "wish list", so the 3 of you can now get me a thank you gift from it, and I appreciate that all of you independantly asked if you could do something special for me. (I think that's the url - if not, you'll have to go to my website and search for it).... I know I said I'd do it last weekend.... but... it's my perogative!

Sean, I've added Martha Stewarts new home housekeeping book - I suggest you buy that, for yourself - and read it from cover to cover, because I loved your personality, and I'd love to have you around more, but if your washing up skills are anything to go by... well you must suck at other housekeeping duties!!!

It's a shame, because your oral sex skills were pretty damn good... I felt like I'd done hundreds of lunges all day Sat and Sun, and it killed to sit down and stand up!!! Talk about a novel way to work out!!! LOL.

Talking about working out - I really want to get totally cut / ripped again - It's probably going to take a long time, cause as a personal trainer for mostly women who want to lose weight - I haven't done much in the way of strength training with free weights - so you guys will notice that my updated list, focuses around this theme!! LOL.

Oh, and does anyone have adult ADD? I was diagnosed with it when I was in hospital recovering from my dog attack!! Now that I've attended a few support classes, I can't believe I never knew before now!! I just thought I was fucked up!!!

Anyway, I'm on ritalin, and god it really helps me focus and stay on track (hence this post).... ha ha...

OK, well I've got shit to do, and then I've gotta go pop a lunesta so I can get to sleep ;-)

Ms Julie.

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