Saturday, March 17, 2007

Canes, panties and high heels, oh my..

Well, I'm stuck at home. My house was actually supposed to close and go to settlement today, and I was going to run away with the check...

But the lawyers cancelled, and the man whose buying my house is going to Sierra Leon for a few weeks so it looks like I'm not going anywhere much before April 15th.. but then look out.. I'm probably coming to a town near you.

I'm actually going to try out Raleigh NC, South Carolina, and Florida to look for a new place to live, and set up shop as a dominatrix again. SO, it would have to be secluded like this place. If I don't see what I'm looking for there, I'm thinking Las Vegas, Colorado, or even northern CA. Any other suggestions?

Can you believe it's 2.30pm on St Patricks day??? I've not gotten out of bed yet. I've been masturbating into panties like crazy... (why you say?) for one, everytime I cum, it puts me to sleep for a little while.. and I needed to get some sleep so I can go out and party the night away in Baltimore.

Secondly, I've just joined up on this fun meetup group that Nichole & some of her other girlfriends started, and she's doing this thing where these guys have to worship and wear our panties for the night, so tonight when we meet these guys, who've paid for our cum soaked panties on paypal.... I'm supposed to have them with me..... (only I've been busy, so I have to cum in at least 3 more pairs to give away tonight).

Confusing I know... but i have some fun ideas for them, involving high heels, panties in their mouth as gags, and a cane.. (BTW - my mailing list is not the list to sell canes on... who are you anyway??? How can you possibly sell a cane for $1? I pay almost $100 for my canes).

Thirdly, have you seen the weather? Which is why my settlement appt got cancelled. It's cold, icy and slippery out there, and I'm hoping it melts or rains before 8pm tonight, otherwise, they're all just going to have to come here, and amuse me.

Oh I am getting a cool scenario in my head, excuse me, while I go masturbate again.. my cunt is literally rubbed raw. I got waxed yesterday, and I've used babyoil on it, it feels so damn good.. silky smooth, and my cum is bubbling out from between my lips.. almost feels like little pop rocks going off down there... VERY HOT.. and interesting...

Anyone around?

Ms Julie.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know Strindberg's play, Miss Julie. I'm not saying that you resemble each other. She's as much masochist as sadist. But the connection tingles.

Of course, stockings (preferably black), high heels, whispering silks, and a lovely young rattan cane, still with some sap - mmmm!! Especially if I am helplessly tethered and gagged - can't even beg for mercy.