Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So does anyone actually realise how good they feel until they've been sick? On Saturday morning I felt like my throat was getting sore, by dinner time, I was freezing cold, feeling miserable, and my throat ached everytime I swallowed. Today (Wednesday) is the first time I've gotten dressed since Saturday, and I've yet to leave the house. I've had the sweats, the chills, the pooping constantly - in fact I lost 2lbs from eating nothing but smoothies from Robeks, and tomato cup-a-soup. My head has felt like it's been in a vice grip, and generally I feel like I've been hit by a two ton truck. Not fun at all - and it was friggin Memorial Day weekend!! All my friends were out partying it up like rockstars, but not me. POUT!

For some stupid bloody reason, I don't have a primary care dr - so I decided 3 days in, that after using every single thing from CVS in the cold/flu/sinus dept - and boy do I mean everything (I'm surprised I didn't overdose accidentally, with the amount of drugs I forced down my throat) that I'd look around for some antibiotics. I finally found some amoxicillin, only it had expired two years previously. I figured that this kinda stuff doesn't really "expire", and that just in case, I'd double up on the dosage. Anyway, either those, or the rest, musta finally done the trick, because when I woke up this evening, I actually could swallow without hurting, and the back of my neck and my whole head had finally quit pounding.

Anyway, Greg I'm so sorry about not making it out to Tysons to see you, but I actually didn't think of you or anyone else for the last 5 days.

Of course, everytime I woke up, the sun was splitting the sky, and all I could think about was the million and one things I really should be doing, that I wasn't. The moral of the story is, I'm now going to be more appreciative of the little things in life - like not shitting while wrapped up in 5 blankets and a down jacket, and 15 minutes later feeling like I'm going through the change of life, and sweating my ass off!!

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