Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Back from N.C

I'm completely back in MD, my house after all this time has not sold, so I yanked it off the market. I'm tired of signing contracts, and then having their financing falling through, and me getting my hopes up. This housing market sucks. Bush Sucks. The economy sucks.

Maybe it's meant to be my house. Maybe moving away and quitting this lifestyle was the wrong thing for me. I've loved this house since I first laid eyes on it all those years ago. Just four years after first laying my eyes on that house, it was up for sale, and I got it! In between those 4 years, I met a girl in a bar in Baltimore, and a few weeks of hanging out with her, she asked me if I wanted to come to her parents house for dinner - and guess where the house was? It kinda had to be fate.

So if it's meant to be, and I'm meant to be here, in my house, then why the hell is everything broken?? I came home the other week to that 80 - 90 degree weather, and my A/C wouldn't work. Coming from Ireland, I can't stand it being so warm! The only way I can handle the heat is floating around in a pool, or having my air set on 68 degrees!! So in addition to the A/C being broken, the pipes which go from the swimming pool filter to the pool heater, were completely broken. I'd left the rolled up solar blanket on top of it, but d'oh, I didn't think about all the snow and rain piling up on it, so it got too heavy and broke them. I of course didn't realise and when I went to backwash, and clean up the water, I got totally friggin soaked - there was gallons of water shooting everywhere! It was kinda hilarious.

One of the barn doors won't open, and 3 of my bedroom windows will not open either! I need a slave to make phone calls because I can't be arsed, and I need a margarita just thinking about it all! Since I've been home, (and my house is pretty much empty) I've been pining away for my dungeon. I'd sold, or given away almost all of my stuff before I moved to the beach, but being back in this house gets me so damn horny. I think about all the kinky things I've done in this house, especially down in the basement, and I swear to God, I've masturbated more in the last week and a half than I did during the whole time I was gone at the beach.

Hmmmmm...margarita or masturbate?


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Anonymous said...

need help getting house in order. I am a carpenter by trade, a contractor as well. I have built dungeon toys as well.