Friday, October 20, 2006

God what a busy few weeks I've had...!

Well I'm sure you're all wondering where the hell I've been! I've been extremely busy with my house, getting it fixed up -- the seals inside several of my windows had leaked, and it looked like my windows were perpetually steamed up inside the panes of glass. I needed 7 basic windows replaced, and then I have two huge, oversized windows in my front living room that had to be specially made. When they took them out, and brought the replacements, they realised they were a little off with their measurements! SO... I had two holes in the front of my house, for over a week!!! Well not exactly - they stuck some board and taped it where the windows would be!!

I also had to have my pool cleaned and closed, floors rebuffed, yards tidied up, mulched, and grass cut all over. Hmmmmm what else?? Oh yeah I've had to study for the last 3 months for my recertification on ACE as a personal trainer, group exercise trainer, and Nutritionist. I then spent a couple of days at George Washington University, getting re-certified in Mad Dog Athletics for spinning.

AND.... on top of all that, I've been slipping in a few sessions with clients down in my dungeon! Unfortunately those have been very few and far between, what with everything else going on. I spent this evening with Jack, he's been cleaning, and organizing my garages, since about 6pm. I've been cracking a whip every so often, and keeping him motivated. It's now 11pm, and I've just allowed him to go home, and I'm going to go slip into my PJ's -- it's damn cold here tonight!! I have some really nice PINK fleece pj bottoms, and hopefully I can find some big fluffy slippers in one of my closets!! I've actually got NO winter clothes. I have no idea what the hell I did with them. I've hunted all over my house, and can't find a thing - not even my coats!! I've been doubling and tripling my t-shirts when I go out.

SO... what have YOU been up to? Click on comments, and tell me!! I'll plan this weekend on getting some new movies and pictures up on my site - log onto the members area.

Start posting on the forums!! Let's get a new discussion rolling!!

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