Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Does anyone else watch this hilarious, dark comedy about an unemployed suburban mother (Mary Louise Parker) who, after her husband dies, deals marijuana to maintain her lifestyle...?? I sat down last night to watch the first two episodes of this new season ~ fucking hilarious! Nancy goes to a weed conference ~ where they hell are these things held at, and how does one get an invite??? After breaking it off with Peter the DEA agent, he drives by her house, and tells her he knows that she's a drug dealer ~ wonder where their relationship will go from here? Can a DEA officer find it within himself to date a drug dealer? Albeit a very sexy one? You can watch the first episode of the second season on MSN VIDEO (just do a search for WEEDS). Also unfortunately, because this is MSN, you'll need to use Internet Explorer to view the video.

The billboard advertisements for Showtime's Weeds are driving stoners crazy in New Zealand. The billboards are three dimensional, with giant bags of pot bulging off of them. New Zealanders keep stealing the "pot" from the billboards, so the advertising company set up security cameras to catch the thieves in the act. At least one stoner takes a tumble while trying to score some major weed.
Watch the video here! What a brilliant marketing idea, but how dumb are you to believe that it's actually weed that's stuffed in there??? You smell that? It's called creativity. In an effort to drum up even more "buzz" for the second season of Weeds, Showtime placed an ad in the August 24th issue of Rolling Stone. This ad was special though. Similar to the hundreds of fragrance ads offering whiffs of Paris Hilton's latest vomit inducing stench, the Weeds ad had a scent strip of it's own. Guess what it smelled like?

Here's some more great stuff about Weed(s) & the characters:

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So what's your position on Weed, or on the show??

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