Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Illusionist..

Well guys, after a good mornings workout at the gym, myself and 3 girlfriends went and pigged out on soup and salad for lunch, and then hit the movies to see Edward Norton's new movie "The Illusionist"... It was a pretty good movie, but after almost 2 hours of weight lifting and cardio, I found it difficult to stop from snoozing off.... even with this dishy looking (maybe single) guy in front of me who was there on a date with his two sons -- who was perhaps divorced, or perhaps just being a really good family guy and giving his wife some much need R&R???

How many of you step it up from time to time, and take on an extra few chores, or tell your wife to go out and enjoy herself, while you hold the fort at home??? That should be on your TO DO list this week. Cook dinner (or pick it up) at least twice this upcoming week, and make sure that you clean up afterwards. Also, tell her to put together a shopping list, and take the kids and go grocery shopping ~ so she has an hour or two to put her feet up and relax.

Afterwards we went to Starbucks for iced americano's (no water) to give us all a jolt & pep us up again!! After that I hit Whole Foods to pick up some halibut & asparagus for dinner, O-soy yogurt & bear naked cereal for breakfast, and 5 chicken breasts for tomorrows meal plan. I also got some cranberry juice, apple sauce, brown rice, broccoli, lima beans, and edamame. Eating every 3 hours really works for me, helps me stay awake and focused, and helps me to not pile on the pounds.... (and yes that's all just for tomorrow!!!)

Unfortunately for me, Olivia is working extremely hard at her job currently, so I'm no longer getting all my meals prepared for me, and fitting in all this cooking is tough -- I try to do it before bed at night, or at 4.30am in the morning!!

I was thinking of trying the Nutrisystem plan - they pre-package all foods for a month and mail them to you -- remember Zora or whatever her name was, the chick who competed on one of those reality tv shows a while back? I guess she's now the spokesperson for them, and looks damn good!! Went from a size 4 to a 0.... Maybe I should make Olivia stay up for a few days, and pre-package me healthy, fresh meals that I can stick in the freezer.... and take to the gym..... hmmmmm

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