Friday, August 18, 2006

Property of Ms Julie.... ;-)

LOL, look what I just got in my mailbox... yet another good little sub, begging to be my newest slave! Is that a cock stock, or a locking chastity device? Mark, I also rec'd today Belle De Jour - and can't wait to get stuck into it! Thank you for following all the directions clearly. I'll be e-mailing you follow up directions, and plan on us having a little chat either today, or this weekend.

So while I was picking up mail today I also got Jack Flashes card, and $100 ~ we thought it'd gotten lost, but no just took a long time getting here! Jack when you get back from your hike, shoot me an e-mail! Last but not least, I also rec'd a gift from someone called Peter - Bumble and Bumble hair conditioner (one of my favourites!!)

I also got this kinda weird letter (that was quite difficult to read) hand written on some yellow legal notepaper, with a home made business card, for a cab company in some midwest place - like Missouri maybe, and I think he was offering me a job, with health insurance.... ???? It was very confusing... so Dave J*F*ER*O* maybe you can e-mail me and tell me what you really meant....

I also rec'd this months copy of rugby magazine - thanks Greg!! BTW Greg where have you gone? I don't think I've talked to you since tax season... R U Still out there??? Call me!

I've spent hours this morning uploading older journal entries from 1996-1997 (I'm through about July of 97, with more to come) hopefully this will give you newbies, a bit more insight into me!

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