Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Turbot... phone calls, Crete & hairy bums..

So I've been having some interesting chats on my yahoo group - as some of you know, I'm looking for a new live in slave..... and I've gotten a few interested parties.

I'm also seriously considering going to Crete in September, and it just so happens that Cole is going back then also to pay some sort of tax on the house that she just bought there this summer... I was thinking of going along for the ride ;-) However, that means I'd have to get my own house on the market pronto, or wait till Oct - and I'm not sure how well houses sell then, compared to now???? I've also tossed around several ideas of places I'd like to relocate to - the south - as in Florida - Puerto Rico, Vegas/Reno, Italy/France/Amsterdam or maybe even Greece!! What do you think? I love Canada - but only in the summer - I'd never survive their snowy winters!

Anyways....I just got home, and have had THREE phone calls - from guys -- on the list no less... I told them to call me back after I've eaten - I'm a tad less grumpy after a full belly ;-) and I'm starving.. haven't eaten anything besides bing cherries and a peach today, along with countless bottles of trinity water (god that stuff is good, but I so wish there wasn't sugar in it)! Anyway, my evening will hopefully be quite interesting, and who knows I maybe running out to meet someone later tonight if all goes well!!! LOL...

I spent most of this afternoon watching these smoking videos - almost makes me want to take that filthy habit up once more - I could be so evil with a lit cigarette on a hard cock and hairy ballsack ;-) sizzle sizzle... lol - you can find them in the members area forums - all full length movies and excellent!! I was so horny on my drive home after watching them..

As for having a woman's bum Peter - I don't know that that is a compliment! I actually prefer my men to look like men - i.e the men that I'm going to fuck that is... the other wimpy little fucks are only good for service, or pimping out, or dressing as maids, and teaching them how to really run my household. Only thing I insist upon is a good old waxing back there ;-) Boy I can get off on those screams!

OK well just wanted to do a quick update to mention the newest movies for members, so now I'm off to cook my turbot with some asparagus, and have a nice glass of wine and take my smelly gym shoes off and put my feet up. Olivia has left everything all prepped and ready to go for me ;-)

Oh, and I'll be available tonight to chat on the phone, or via skype - after 9pm - as for phoning - tomorrow I'm at the gym from 6am till noon - then I have the afternoon sort of off (that is I'll be in my office, setting schedules, and catching up on paperwork from the last 3 weeks...) so anytime between 1pm and 4pm would be a good time to catch me on the phone... 301-637-6903 -- be prepared to amuse me, delight me, wow me with your intellect, or don't bother me!

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