Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm BACK!!

Well it's been about 3 weeks - took off with some friends for some sun, sea and yeah, plenty of sex.... lesbian sex that is.. I did actually pick up a guy or two, and brought them back to the hotel where we were staying , but wound up tying them up, fucking with them, and teasing the hell out of them by making them watch me with Bethany and Liz. Priceless! Guys are so fucking easy to manipulate.... we had these guys jumping through hoops for us, and sneaking away from their wives and girlfriends to play with us ;-)

Anyway, just stepped on the scale today and have gained a whopping 4.5lbs from all the eating and drinking I'd done while I was gone - mostly drinking! We were on one of those drinks included vacations - so from about 10.30am we were downing margarita's, long island iced teas, and pina colada's while laying on the beach, or floating in the pool!!!! Good thing I have a part time job at a gym - I'll need to teach double my spinning classes for a few weeks to burn off all those extra calories, and of course, today I have a huge headache - probably alcohol withdrawals!!! LOL.

I have LOTS in store for you - lots of great video footage to be posted in the forums, new picture galleries, and of course I'll try to find some extra time to crack a few password sites! Right now though I have to wade through thousands of e-mails.. so if you've sent something, be patient! If you don't get a reply in a day or two, write me back - you probably wound up in the spam crap, and were mass deleted!! Sometimes my finger on the delete button gets away with me... all that power, goes to my head!

SO... what have YOU been up to?

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