Saturday, July 15, 2006

Canada 'eh?

Well I've been back now for a week, and the time has just flown in! Canada was great. I met two subs that I've been talking to online for several months. My first stop was in Ottawa and Alan met me at my hotel promptly at 11am. We were going to go have brunch together, and then go back to his place for what would be a very memorable session!

Having talked with Alan a lot online, when I first met him, it seemed like I'd known him forever. We spent most of brunch discussing the fantasy that I'd had about him ~ a schoolgirl, who turns the tables on her grumpy maths teacher, and puts him over her knee for a good old fashioned spanking! Alan has a serious spanking fetish, and has gone so far as to build an old fashioned schoolhouse in his backyard!! It's one large room, with a large chalk board up front, a desk for the teacher directly in front of it, and then 5 rows of tables & chairs. He's even added little things like a White board, an overhead projector, a globe, and maps of the world! It actually looks exactly like a classroom! From outside however, it looks like a gardening shed, with cute little window boxes blooming with profusions of flowers, a few tools propped up against it, and a potting table directly outside. It also helps that he actually does have quite a nice sized vegetable garden....

Anyway, I'd brought my "schoolgirl" ensemble! Complete with glasses, books and white ankle socks. Mine is a little naughtier than the average school uniform! Short little white blouse that was stretched tight across my bust, buttons popping ;-) Really short plaid skirt, and a pair of killer black pumps. I was also "late" for detention... Alan was such a pompous old fart, and I've never been good at advanced Mathematics... Pretty soon my gum chewing, and doodling pictures in my binder had got him huffing and puffing, and after ignoring his ranting and raving, he could stand it no more... he pulled me roughly to my feet, and was about to bend me over the desk to get spanked, when I snapped! I'd had enough. I grabbed his large ruler, and forced him over the desk. I yanked on his trousers and they fell to the floor, leaving him standing there in a pair of white Y fronts. I grabbed those and yanked them to the floor also, and holding him over the desk, I gave him a very good whack on the ass. Nine more followed, and soon he was begging for my forgiveness... I grabbed him by the ear and pulled him up to the front of the classroom, where I sat on his chair, and told him to assume the position over my knee.

As the dirty old professor went to lay across my lap, his cock brushed up against my bare legs, and was hard as a rock. I decided to ridicule him, while I gave him a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. I then made him sit on the floor, and worship my feet, and after a few swift kicks in the balls, I was extremely horny. I lifted my skirt to show him I wasn't wearing any panties, and told him that he was going to orally satisfy me, until I couldn't cum anymore.... I sat down on his face, and proceeded to ride it, telling him exactly how I like to be licked. In my hand I had a ruler that I'd slap his dick with. I put my feet up on his dick, and squished it, while he took my full weight on his face. I rocked back and forth quickly bringing myself to orgasm. It was awesome! As I was cumming I took his dick between my feet, and rolled his cock back and forth and next thing I know, he was spewing cum all over the place....

It was a fucking hot afternoon I can tell you!

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Anonymous said...

Wow .... Ms. Julie, that is every man's fantasy ever since they were having naughty thoughts in grade school. Simply reading it has me rock hard, yearning to be that very same professor learning my strict lessons from You.